Joe Gunter of Georgia, one of the Online PT Club members created this progression and calls it the Billy Waugh - one of the toughest Special Operations members in US history. Sign-up for our BETA newsletter. Keep cycle of 8 counts, short runs, pull-ups until you fail at pull-ups, then repeat in reverse order. The 8 count body builder pushup - 8 movements of a mix of pushup / burpee: Run to Pullup bar - This can start off as a sprint but likely change to a jog after several sets. Is … 6 answers. So it is smart for the Navy to take out advanced elements of fitness like 8 count body builders and 5-10 mile runs. Favorite Answer. To improve your memory avoid alcohol and heavy drinking. Conclusion. Reducing fast food as much as you can will help keep you fit in your mind and body. Same holds true for the 8 count pushup - it is an advanced form of exercise that should be done by intermediate / advanced … Staying hydrated benefits your body and brain by keeping you detoxified and oxygenated. 1 decade ago. its a good exercise for the whole body. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines and they all show the exercise the 8 count body builder as one of the exercises that help get them in great shape. Trending Questions. Relevance. Compare the 8 count pushup to the 10 mile run - you would not ask a deconditioned person to run 10 miles without expecting injury of some sort. Do one 8 count BB pushup, run 20m to a pullup bar and do 1 pullup. 1 Answer. Count 2 – thrust your legs straight back. Join. This is an eight count exercise that starts in a standing position. jay-z. 0 0. Welcome! Trending Questions. Use the 8 Count Body Builder Pushup and Pullup Pyramid This is one hardcore workout. How do I get rid of belly fat without exercise? Still have questions? 8 count body builders, tell me the benefits? The 8 count body builder pushup - 8 movements of a mix of pushup / burpee: **The next Progression for this is the 16 count pushup where you do 5 pushups when at position 2-4 - then continue with 5,6,7,8. Ask Question + 100. Answer Save. Count 3 – lower yourself into a push-up. your username. Count 4 – push yourself back up. Eight-count body builders work a variety of muscles including upper and lower body with some added cardio. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Weight training exercise, aerobic exercise and right nutrition have beneficial effects on mental sharpness and strong healthy mind. Log into your account. But one book a Navy Seal training manual talks about how every Friday they would have to do 1x100 of this brutal exercise. Count 1 – move into the squat position. Count 5 – now kick your legs apart. Run back to the area where you do the 8 counts and then do two 8 counts, run back to pullup bar and do 2 pullups. Get your answers by asking now. Training tips, research updates, videos and articles - and we'll never sell your info. your password