Should the amplifier go into protect mode, simply disconnect all RCA and speaker leads, while keeping +12 volt, power ground and remote leads connected. 1; 2; 3 ... -The remote wire is good, that just turns on the amp.-RCA cables seem fine.-Bass level remote wire fine.-The amp is mounted to the floor underneath the drivers seat. Have you set the gain properly? 1. If it still goes into protection mode when you have no speaker wires or RCA cables hooked up to it, chances are that it's in need of repair. If not, plug the RCA cables back, and reset the amplifier. Anyhow, when the amp goes into protect mode, is it heating up? Occasionally, it will go into protect for 30 seconds, kick back on for a second and hit one note, and then go right back into protect. The protection mechanism usually places the amplifier into protect mode when it detects a short, and during this time it prevents power to the amplifier circuitry, thereby preventing harm to the speakers and expensive amplifier components. The protect mode on the amp keeps randomly kicking on. If the amp goes into protect with the RCA cables plugged in, go to step 4. Sometimes it will make it through a whole song without doing it, sometimes it stays in protect for the majority of a song. If it doesn't go into protect, reconnect one pair of speaker wires at a time. If the amp is in protect mode with no rca cable connected, then check to make sure the speaker wires aren't shorting out. 2. Now turn the amplifier back on, and if the diagnostic LED lights, the amplifier has an internal fault. If you're using a mono amp and have only one pair of speaker wires, you'll need to disconnect all but one speaker from the other end of the speaker wires. help! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 51 Posts. Sometimes if that's set too high, it can cause the amp to fail. If anyone of the strands are touching each other/car chassis, it will cause the protection to kick in. I'll turn my system on without rca cables plugged in and everything works fine. I plug one of the 2 rca into the amp, sub plays but barely. My amp gets very hot & goes into protect mode why? yep i would go with the ohm load being too low causing the amp to go protect when there's a fluctuation while playing at high levels, I had a T1000.1 that was only stable at 1ohm well I only had two choices with my subs 2ohm or 0.5 ohm well at 0.5 it would play until reaching 3/4 volume when it would go into protect. I plug the other rca I to it and my sub makes a low bass pop like noise before the amp goes into power protection mode. The protection light comes on when the amp senses a problem and refuses to power up...but when things go haywire they can go really haywire. Seems to have enough room to breath, my 4-channel is the same way and dont get hot.