It can be found, albeit sporadically, on shelves once again. How you connect with each ingredient an d feel your way through each step of the creation? In the late 1990s, mainstream grocery stores such as Albertson's and Publix, eager to differentiate their offerings from those of warehous e clubs, embraced the organic packaged food concept quickly. Founded in 1987 by former CEO Andy Berliner and Rachel Berliner, and incorporated since 1988, Amy's Kitchen took its name from their then-newborn daughter, Amy. Forgot account? The company m ade its first international sales in Canada in 1991, according to Entrepreneur. Of course not,” said Amy’s President Xavier Unkovic. Not Now. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg. Other pie varieties, including an apple pie, were soo n developed, even though the original contractor, unable to keep up w ith the volume, suddenly bailed out. Other locations in California (Mo desto) and several other states including South Carolina also had bee n considered. Workers wrap burritos at the Amy’s Kitchen facility in Santa Rosa, Calif. Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal. Hope Nelson, who lives in Alexandria, Virginia, often kept more than a dozen of Amy’s gluten-free tofu breakfast burritos in her freezer, but couldn’t find any in several trips to her local organic grocer. Have you ever noticed how something almost magic happens when you coo k your own food from scratch? But we knew it was right for our people.”. Company profile page for Amy's Kitchen Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information Its product line had expanded to 100 items. The product, along with organic soups and other good-for-you frozen meals, have helped Amy’s go from a niche player sold only in natural-food stores to a mainstream brand, generating more than $500 million in annual sales and found on the shelves of Walmart Inc. and Costco Wholesale Corp. Amid the pandemic, frozen pizza has become nearly as sought after as toilet paper, hand sanitizer and booze. In 1996, Andy Berliner and Fantastic Foods founder Jim Rosen began bu ilding a spiritual center in Sonoma County for Science of the Soul. In 2009, Walmart Inc. tried to remove thousands of items from its shelves to reduce clutter in its cavernous supercenters. Heinz Company; Homegrown Naturals, Inc. Allday, Erin, "Three in Sonoma County Top Commuter-Friendly L ist,", "The Action's Getting Hot and Heavy in Lite Frozen Food Market Se gment,", Baker, David R., "A Tempting Deal: Governor Promises Food Manufac turer Cheap Power to Build a New Plant in State,", Bosco, Maryellen, "Two Chains Forge Links to Organic Food Firms,", Dam, Julie K.L., and Vicki Sheff-Cahan, "Healthy Prophets: Market ing Tasty Vegetarian Dishes Has Rachel and Andy Berliner Rolling in D ough,", Davenport, Rex, "The New Healthy Foods: Fads Come and Go, But New Products Aim to Live Long Lives As Consumer Favorites,", Fish, Tim, "A Nice Little Niche: Successful Vegetarian Frozen Foo d Venture Is a Family Affair,", Har, Janie, Harry Esteve, and Jeff Mapes, "Oregon's Governor Woos Jobs One CEO at a Time,", Hays, Constance L., "Can Healthier Foods Help the Bottom Line? “Was it an easy decision? About See All. Th e product line spans more than 130 items, including frozen dinners, p izzas, burgers, and burritos. It also addresses what some consumer psychologists call “The Paradox of Choice,” where shoppers are paralyzed when encountered with 60 different types of toothpaste. Amy’s Kitchen once sold 228 products -- now it’s down to 71 Workers wrap burritos at the Amy’s Kitchen facility in Santa Rosa, Calif. 42 check-ins. A few years later, Walmart reversed the decision. Company fo under and CEO Andy Berliner later mused that he had originally antici pated reaching sales of $3 million per year.