The color must be uniform over all of the above mentioned parts. The luster should, as already mentioned, be an iridescent beetle green. It stands regal. 1:33. Faults: Off-colored eyes except as noted. When fully grown, they will reach about 0.9 lbs. A bird with only a few minor faults should be given this grade. Birds with poor or dull color and birds with poor pattern definition should be heavily faulted. Wing Patterns: In both copper and gold white wings a light spotting or flecking when the wings or tail is spread out is not to be faulted. Body: Faults: Greenish, yellowish, sooty or plum color or green iridescence in the bronze. They are pictured for their color ONLY. The legs are featherless and are of medium length. Checkered birds should have clearly defined and evenly spaced checks. up for sale from “color pigeon lofts” is a high quality pair of gold black wing archangels.they are ready for breeding. Bronze is still being studied to analyze its … Lack of or poor iridescent beetle green sheen on wing shield back or rump. Since it belongs to the group of fancy pigeons, it is popularly kept as a pet or used for exhibition in zoos or bird shows. Reasonably long, tightly held, resting above the tail. Eyes: The tail must not be carried too low as to touch the ground. White flights to be consecutively in from wing tip. He listed them as Kite Bronze, Modena Bronze, Archangel Bronze, Roller Bronze, Brander Bronze, Tippler Bronze, Toy Stencil Bronze, and Lebanon Bronze. In this case, the judge will usually make the notation that the entry is “not representative of its breed”. The most common archangel colors material is metal. Bluish or slate tails, grey or sooty under-tail wedge. For example, birds that are missing feathers, bird that are in molt, or have soiled feathers. Fantail Pigeon. The under-tail must be thoroughly colored. Evaluation of the quality of an Archangel should put 80% importance on color, etc. “HS” Highly Superior – Color Chart. Greenish, sooty or smutty color in bronze areas. Bronze mirroring in the retrices is desired. In addition, two small continuous bars are required in accordance with the basic color and delineated. The Archangel Pigeon is a small to medium breed of bird. Neck: Fairly long and comparatively thin. this stock class. Ostrich Rabbit Medium build; Cocks to be somewhat larger and bolder looking than hens. Duck A darker or lighter shade of copper is unimportant; of importance is the even quality of the copper. Simply put, if an Archangel does not have good type it is not a good Archangel. “I” Inferior – Wings: Whereas the bird as a whole should be judged, including, proper type and conformation of all parts of the bird listed in the first part of the Standard, the Archangel is primarily a color pigeon and therefore the areas of the Standard that cover color, color design, sheen and their corresponding faults should be considered most important. Too much black in shanks. All Other Colors: As an example, a class of ten birds might be graded and placed as follows: HS1, HS2, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, G1, G2, G3. Crested, T-pattern, dirty, smoky, bronze cast to neck and breast. Narrow, approximately one and a half feathers wide. Tail: Gray, blue or dull black on back or tail. Sufficient white light and proper holding of the bird in relation to the light source is required for proper color recognition. Blue wing: They are kept mostly for ornamental looks – for obvious reasons – they are quite fascinating and appealing in looks! Archangels of other color patterns should have a pleasing and well defined pattern as well as rich color. In the white wings the color is somewhat darker and resembles more of a yellow color. Some of the copper blues which are shown are too dark in their coloring. Faults: Neck too short or too thick. Faults: purple or violet sheen, however a slight admixture of pink is not faulted. Moderately wide and carried slightly forward. Flesh colored in white wings and dark horn in blue wings. Sheep, Bee The cere is light pink to flesh in coloration. President's Message 2020 Black Wing Faults: Archangel Bronze Pattern: If a bird with fine copper is to be exhibited, allowance can be made regarding the copper on the underside, which will be decreasing. Depending on their color, they may or may not have iridescent luster. However, the color of the bronze shade should be even throughout with head, neck, breast, belly shanks, and under-tail wedge thoroughly colored and without green or smut. Archangel Pigeons. Report. Either peak crested or plain headed. Concerning the copper blue wing a fiery copper bronze with an even color throughout is of primarily importance. Archangel pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. The Gimpels have two main body colors, bronze and copper as shown below, and three wing colours—black, blue and white. Hopefully, this will help some people in determining what they really have as far as color goes. Referring to the above categories listed in the Standard, length of dissertation has nothing to do with their importance. The white of the head should reach the same distance below the eye as it does above it, to the top of the head. An Archangel has a head unique to the pigeon world. It may sometimes be a little more skittish than some of the other popular pigeon breeds. The white wing with bars have the same requirements. The nails to be of a dark horn color on black wing and blue wing, flesh colored on white wing. Placing: Copper: Violet is a big flaw and should be absent. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Faults: Oversized or undersized, too narrow across chest. There are fewer difficulties with the black bars, which should appear clearly outlined and narrow, than with all other rare color variations which are mentioned. Color Pigeons – mostly bred in Germany, they are sometimes known as German Toys. Dark orange in color.