I’ve since stopped testing my ketone levels because once you’ve established a dietary lifestyle, there’s no need to keep chasing ketones. What’s more important from a health perspective is the body’s ability to use its own fat for energy. Perfect Keto has filled that gap with an addictively-delicious keto bar you can enjoy guilt-free. In other words, keto doesn’t automatically equal healthy. In other words, the bars don’t include any added sugar. Unless there’s a special sale going on right now, that’s likely the most cost-effective way to buy them. I love sitting on the couch next to my wife, with a glass of organic red wine, while nipping on a keto bar (or two). What I do like about the collagen used in these bars is that it comes from grass-fed animals. That’s why we subtract them from the total carb count to calculate net carbs. But it could prevent you from getting into deep ketosis, with readings of 1.5 mmol/L or above. Specifically, the fiber in these bars stems from soluble tapioca fiber, a paleo-friendly root that helps to bind ingredients together. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookie dough? The main problem with RXBars is their carb load. They’re delicious and packed with clean ingredients, and I love the crumbly texture. That’s awesome, because it means you can pick any of their flavors and rest assured that you won’t get kicked out of ketosis. That means the body can make them from essential amino acids. Unlike other protein bars, these bars have an addictive taste and crumbly texture that I can’t get enough of. As I mentioned above, these keto-friendly bars contain only ingredients with limited potential to cause inflammation. Last Updated: Oct 27, 2020. Below is an overview that shows the calories and macronutrient count of all the available flavors. That’s why, when I started with keto in early 2019, I was surprised to learn that Bulletproof collagen bars aren’t really keto-friendly. The moisture stems from the good fat contained in the bars, and the crumbly texture is likely the result of using soluble tapioca starch (which binds the ingredients together). The great thing about intermittent fasting is that it’s incredibly good for you, it’s free, and it means you don’t have to worry about food. While Perfect Keto bars aren’t the only game in town, they’re certainly one of my favorites. :-) Great article…thanks Mike! But I don’t recall having ever had one, so I don’t know how they taste. Perfect Keto bars are one of my favorite ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. In this quick keto product review, we’re going to give Perfect bars keto friendly ratings and add our keto diet expert recommendation. Some folks use these bars as a pre-workout snack. Every week, I talk to people who want to eat better but can’t imagine giving up their favorite pleasure (junk) food. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Perfect Keto bars are one such example for me. Enjoy freely.4 Stars: Highly compatible, light impact on ketosis. Thanks Doug! Perfect Keto literally managed to make the perfect keto bar. Additionally, some people like to throw a keto bar or two into their bag or purse when they’re out and about. 5 Stars: Exceptionally compatible, little to no impact on ketosis. It relaxes me and helps me unwind from the stress of the day. If your ketone levels take a small dip, like mine did, don’t worry about it as they should bounce right back. And even if I wasn’t following keto I would consume them only in moderation, at best. Every time we order a box of 12, they’re gone in two days. As a result, I have not had an RXBar in over a year.