Search 795 Bachelor Commerce jobs now available on, the world's largest job site. Cover letter is concise and straight to the point on why you are suitable for the position. Then looks into a major which appeals to you. Displayed here are job ads that match your query. but that education will help you for growth internally in the company. Bachelor of Economics vs bachelor of commerce Was wondering what the differences are between B.Commerce vs B.Economics apart from ATAR requirement. There are some really good pathways there and you could go in as a generalist to build skills no problems. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Page 1 of 199 jobs. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Note that some accounting procedures are being sent off-shore, outsourced to low cost countries. Sort by: relevance - date. It's like the number one job of the future. Based on your degree I might suggest looking at: You will probably ask; but they will need X years experience, in some instances yes. Have you looked at government? I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in December in 2014. Let me know if you need further advice or just want someone to look over your application. I'm a Year 12 student. Grad jobs are ridiculously competitive, as are all Finance Accounting jobs. A bachelor of commerce is broader than you might think OP, take a look under a university that offers it and look at the majors that are offered.. A bachelor of commerce isn't simply all about accounting. Thanks! I am wanting to take advantage of my degree, but not exactly sure how. One of the concerns my past recent graduates were determining what your job title will be, how to even find these jobs and how to market yourself. I didn't study a hard major like accounting, I don't have any set industry I can apply directly to - which is pretty frustrating, as I am just hovering the job boards not 100% sure where to look exactly. Press J to jump to the feed. Some advice, if you think it's not for you now, don't progress with it - it's not difficult to be a good accountant but its very difficult to become a really successful one especially if you have unrealistic expectations. Seek, Indeed - sort by date and type in keywords if you're not having much success. I was thinking about doing a double major in accounting and human resources management. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. LinkedIn will be your friend, have it set to public. There are a hell of a lot of accountants out there. The big careers expo was just at Moore Park but moves to Homebush next week I think, and could be a good place to ask questions. Unfortunately I don't have an end goal job, but I do like finance/Investing a lot. Just get onto some mailing lists so you can go next year. I wouldn't rule it out if it's something you love doing. harsh reality. Could also consider volunteering or NGO work. Accounting is very saturated at the moment though due to the high number of accountants being admitted to Australia through the skilled immigration program, so competition for graduate jobs is fierce and pay can be low outside of the big firms. This ended in the beginning of April and I travelled for 4 months, went home to NZ to see some family - and I have now been in Melbourne for 2 months. you're gonna have to take a role that doesn't require a specific field of education. Choose an area you are interested in first, so say science, or commerce etc. But not wanting to wonder around anymore with no direction. ... so competition for graduate jobs is fierce and pay can be low outside of the big firms. Also, generalist grad programs sound like something I would be interested in. Displayed here are Job Ads that match your query. ", Because everything in this country is about helping the "maytes". So, I've been out of work since then. As an example, a friend combined a Bachelor of Engineering with a Bachelor of Law to huge success (works for a firm that builds regional airports), while another colleague did Accounting and Sports Science, and now works for a UK Premier League team. you gotta accept at this point that you're working from the bottom.