If you've got a bunch of samples and you start panning them around, it starts sounding quite fake. One of the worst lightning strikes involving aviation occurred in 1963. So there's a little bit of Auto-Tuning going on, say on the new live trumpets where the player wasn't quite getting the right inbetweeniness and we had to do a bit of tinkering. 7 3,000 people dead after lightning strike causes an explosion A particularly deadly lightning incident occurred in Brescia, Italy in 1769. Scientists have detected a record-breaking lightning bolt that was 321.1 kilometers (199.5 miles) in length, roughly the distance between New York City and Washington D.C. A church was being used as a battery to store approximately 100 tons of gunpowder. The results, as Gareth recalls with a smile, varied wildly. In actual fact, the most unpredictable part of the remaking process came from the Partons employing sample-recreation companies to copy certain key lifts. Mastering Essentials Part 4 - Mastering EQ: Balance, Don’t Match. Recorded in a garage in Swansea, mixed almost entirely in mono and offering a headspinning brew of Northern soul, electro, cheerleader chants, Charlie Brown-styled piano and abrasive, Sonic Youth-inspired loops, the Go! But it's supposed to be like that! Too right. It beats anything. Photo: Richard Ecclestone, "With the Neve, I love Flying Faders. S cientists say the world’s longest lightning bolt traveled 199.5 miles and also confirmed the existence of a lightning flash that lasted for over 7 seconds. But on this particular stuff, I think it works really well.". These dodgy pub singer versions of [the hook from 'Ladyflash'] 'We came here to rock the microphone'! It's a bit of a dark art down the bottom on those things. That became, like, urgh. "He was in Japan or Australia or America, so I'd spend most of my time on the computer in the office here — from the sample recreation guys emailing their recreations over to me, me slotting them into the rebuilt mix without the illegal samples, dirtying everything up, then having to do an MP3 and email it over to Ian in Japan at, y'know, two o'clock in the morning. ", Most of the basic tracks for Thunder, Lightning, Strike were recorded at the Partons' Swansea family home, using a Soundtracs desk and an eight-track Otari reel-to-reel. Why Install Lightning Protection on a Process Control Plant? And he'd spot if I was trying to make anything slightly stereo and say 'Can you bring that in a bit?' "When we put the final mixes down, we also go through the Massenburg GML EQ, just for picking things out and making it sound even nastier, believe it or not! ", The control room at Fortress Studios is based around a Neve desk with Flying Faders automation.Photo: Richard Ecclestone. Gareth admits that it took some time for his brother (who he reckons would "happily master everything to cassette if he could") to accept his advice and take the leap into the digital domain. What I like to do, which we used on quite a lot of the stuff, was place a PZM on the floor underneath the snare, so you're getting the under-snare sound and the splat off the front of the kick, but you're not getting much of the top kit, so if you want to distort the fuck out of that, you can. A Pan Am flight was preparing to land in Philadelphia when it was struck by lightning. Factories, fuel reservoirs, and oil fields are “prime targets” for a lightning strike-related accident. The producer admits he's had a few strange emails in the wake of the album's release... "They say 'You can't hear the vocals, it's distorted, it's mono.' It was a case of 'Let's just put the bloody thing out and see what happens.