HC2H2O2Cl, is a stronger monoprotic acid than acetic acid. Therefore, the charge is less concentrated in the chloroacetate ion than it is in the acetate ion, and, accordingly, chloroacetic acid is stronger than acetic acid. chloroacetic acid 1.3×10^-3. pulls the negative charge toward it self by inductive effect so that the negative charge density on the oxygen atom is reduced hence stabilizing the conjugate base of chloroacetic acid whil the negative charge of the oxygen atom in acetic acid is localized and the conjugate base is less stable. For Keyboard Navigation, Use The Up/down Arrow Keys To Select An Answer. In a 0.10 M solution, the pH is 1.96. pKa =_____ 3.What is the pH of a solution prepared by mixing exactly … dichloroacetic acid 3.3×10^-2. Which One Of The Following Best Explains This? Formula of chloroacetic acid is \(ClCH_2COOH\) Here, H atom is replaced by highly electron withdrawing Cl atom. trichloroacetic acid 1.7×10^-1 Check the Ka values: acetic acid 1.8×10^-5. So, chloroacetic acid is stronger than acetic acid. 1.Calculate the Ka for chloroacetic acid. So, the negative charge density on O atom reduced and corresponding conjugate base is stabilised.. Ka =_____ 2.Calculate pKa for chloroacetic acid. Select An Answer And Submit. Question: RM-Q19 Chloroacetic Acid, CICH2CO2H, Is A Stronger Acid Than Acetic Acid. Chlorine being a strong electron with drawing group.