Cons of Nuclear Power Plants. Pros and Cons of water Pros: 1. It is a renewable source of energy 2. It is environmentally friendly to the environment around it 3. The water tends to destroy both the copper and aluminum lines. During heavy rains and storms, the power lines may get destroyed and some even catch fire. By allowing local or regional officials to have the power to meet those needs, the safety and security of a population can be better met. 3. These are a few major pros and cons of living near power lines. 5. Diverse populations have unique needs that must be met and having a national-level government attempt to understand those needs is always difficult. Do not be allured by its Pros or advantages. It can provide evidence of success… or failure. Cons. A checklist of advantages and disadvantages to think about if your loved one is considering drawing up a power of attorney. This usually takes so long to restore the damaged lines. It is flexible because adjusting water flow and output of electricity is easy. First of all, wind energy is a clean source of energy and it does not generate any kind of pollution. Here are the Cons of nuclear power plants that the authorities do not share to the public: It has the first priority of keeping the leader(s) in charge while they attempt to create policies that reflect what they want to see in society. Your loved one can decide who should make decisions on his or her behalf. 2. Power Of Attorney: The Pros And Cons. Unproven (it will take another years of research to explore it on commercial scale) Commercial power plants will be very expensive to build; Requires extremely high temperatures If cold fusion could be achieved, it would be much easier to implement; Take a look in Wikipedia for more information. It does not involve the usage of harmful chemicals and rather it is a renewable source of energy, unlike the fossil fuels that take millions of years to occur again. Underground power lines can be destroyed by flooding. Advantages. List of the Cons of Dictatorships. 4 Pros and Cons of Having Wind Power Pro’s of Wind Power:-1. Just like the other creations of humans, these power plants have disadvantages also that can cause dangerous situations. 7. It is because nuclear power plants are not perfect inventions. Dictators have the first priority of staying in power for as long as possible. It is reliable because it is a renewable source of energy 4. There is a potential risk of the power lines catching fire. More renewables, pros & cons 1. The goal of a dictatorship is the same as any other authoritarian government. It’s better you contact the power station manager regarding the strength of the EMF of the power lines that are passing very near to your house or the home that you are thinking of … Establishing a power of attorney is inexpensive. This is one of the biggest cons of living near power lines for sure.