Not all are zero points, but … 1 Tbsp, * Notes. Canned are not only a healthy addition to your Costco weight watchers grocery shopping list, but they’re also highly affordable and easier to keep on hand. 2. 1 ½ Tbsp, * imitation bacon bits. 2. Varieties you’ll find at various Costco branches include: Canned fish: look for wild salmon or wild sardines as both are affordable, rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Those of you who need a ready-made Weight Watchers points list, here is a detailed list given below. Babybel light cheeses. where p stands for points, f stands for fats and c stands for calories.r stands for dietary fibers and min {r, 4} stands for the smaller number between dietary fibers or ‘4’. fresh spinach. I like the Garden Lites spinach egg white frittatas (1 point for 1 and 3 points for 2 on blue plan). With this formula you can calculate the points in different kinds of food that you consume. Meal Items . plum tomato(es) 1 medium, diced. Weight Watchers Points List. When the kids and I go to Costco we stop, from time to time, at the Costco Food Court on the way out. canned water chestnut(s) ¼ cup(s), rinsed, drained, chopped. 4. Pita pal or Sabra hummus. Crazy Cuizine Asian chicken - different varieties, all good but the non-breaded ones are lowest in pp. Costco is a place that I frequent on a regular basis to stock up on supplies for the kids' school lunches, staples for my Weight Watchers journey, and where I stock up on Fruit. Spinach Salad with Egg, Blue Cheese & Bacon. Salmon. Kirkland chocolate peanut butter protein bars, which comes in a variety pack with the cookies and cream kind ( 4 points for the peanut butter ones on blue) it’s a pretty filling snack. reduced-calorie blue cheese dressing. SmartPoints® value per serving. Orange spinach salad with red onions and mushrooms tossed in a light and zesty lime vinaigrette, 117 calories and 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus Subscribe for all the best recipes, tips & weekly email support from a lifetime WW! Now, on my tremendous Weight Watchers journey, I have come to love Costco stores. See more ideas about Costco finds, Smart points, Weight watchers smart points. Weight Watchers Spinach and Fruit Salad baby spinach, jalapeno pepper, granny smith apple, green onions and 4 more Weight Watchers Lasagna My Crazy Good Life egg(s) 1 large, hard boiled, diced. They have Greek yogurt cranberry chicken salad cups that are delicious and I believe only 4pp too! Spinach String beans Summer squash Swiss chard Tarragon Thyme Tomatillos Tomato puree, canned Tomato sauce, canned Tomatoes Turnips Water chestnuts Wax beans Zucchini. Laughing cow light wedges. Tricia will get the Chicken Bake, Parker a hot dog. Costco rotates the varieties of Garden Lites in stock. Here are MORE Weight Watchers friendly items you can pick up at Costco. Apr 23, 2017 - Explore If You Have an Egg's board "Costco finds with Smart Points values", followed by 2445 people on Pinterest. Yasso Greek yogurt bars - 2pp . 2 cup(s), baby leaves.