The former Arbiter of the Quindecim bar is first introduced with a smile on her face, but that is only because she is receiving a promotion. The mannequins are actually the bodies of the previous guests which usually are thrown away after the judgement. An older man who is said to be the closest to god, and created the current system. Even Nona, who doesn't actually work in a bar, gets her name from her Latin floor number: Nonaginta (90). Mayu responds that her life would have no meaning without Harada which leads Ginti to send her to the void as well, it's implied Ginti's actions towards Mayu are the reason she leaves. he was injected with human emotion and is actively attempting to not only learn about people but to remember them past the usual amnesia arbiters suffer. She's strong minded and always says what she's thinking, but little else is known about her when we first meet her. These crosses, As for the non-arbiters, Castra, who works in classification, has an X-shaped symbol around her eyes; and Oculus has black eyes with glowing. Though the lack expression is unsettling for the first few episodes it becomes clear that Decim simply does not know how he should respond to the extreme emotions being expressed around him. Condemns herself to the void so she can be with Harada. He doesn't appear to be aware of this, however, and it's possible he's trying his best to be. A mysterious, emotionless man who works as an arbiter on the fifteenth floor. It is a powerful scene that makes viewers feel the weight of the emotions the two characters share. NEXT: Pokémon's 10 Most Likable Villains, Ranked. The de facto god of limbo in Death Parade is Oculus. One of these rules denies them the ability to feel human emotions. A young man who acts as the elevator operator and mainly attends to Nona. Andrew Tefft is a writer, reader, watcher, and gamer based in the United States. Once the viewer comes to terms with the selfless motivation behind the young woman's actions it becomes much easier to like her as a character. Despite having human emotions, he's the closest thing the show has to an emotionless character. It seems that she still had hair like this as a small child, Most notably, she sheds these after she sees Decim smile for the first time, before he sees her off to be reincarnated, even as a living human, despite all the other humans in the show looking perfectly normal, she will be able to return to life in exchange for another's. Speaks in a very detached tone, and doesn't like bringing personal feelings into his work. slipping in the shower and hitting her head... because she was too busy jumping around and fangirling over her favorite boy band. MoreMost Popular Characters 1 Lamperouge, Lelouch 2 Lawliet, L 3 Monkey D., Luffy 4 Levi 5 Yagami, Light Characters • … Dragon Ball: Every Saiyan Ranked By Likability, Paprika: 5 Reasons Why It's The Perfect Psychological-Thriller Anime (& 5 Better Alternatives), 5 Sword Art Online Mysteries That Were Finally Resolved (& 5 That Remain Open), Pokémon's 10 Most Likable Villains, Ranked, My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Powers That Would Suit Mina More Than Acid, Dragon Ball: 5 Ways Goku Is The Same In Evolution (& 5 Ways He's Different), Yu-Gi-Oh! The psychological thriller that plays with viewers expectations of the afterlife, is full of interesting anime characters. The Wiki is about the anime series, Death Billiards and Death Parade, that anyone can edit! Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. That doesn't stop her from being one of the most likable characters thanks to her ability to empathize with the humans that she is judging. The way the show operates is different than the usual survival game. He's worked in both the education and entertainment industries and now lends his writing talent to Comic Book Resources as a List Writer. Careful: This wiki contains spoilers, read with caution! It's unknown if Memine is an arbiter, a feline equivalent, or just a random cat inherent to the bar. RELATED: Paprika: 5 Reasons Why It's The Perfect Psychological-Thriller Anime (& 5 Better Alternatives). A young-looking girl who has high seniority among the towers and is Decim and Ginti's boss. The Aribiters that are tasked with judging the humans who have left the land of the living are held to a strict set of rules. He is initially presented as an innocent old man that likes to play pool. He's professional and respectful towards guests. He's a friendly and laid-back guy but little else is known about him. The problem is they suck at the "judging" part. Andrew grew up absorbing comic book material and debating the strengths of fictional characters with his siblings. Mayu believes and is cast into the void, rather cruel trickery of Mayu. His leadership skills are not perfect, but they are effective. and she knows that there isn't a lot of time to get her game done, the dolls are actually his mementos of the humans he wishes to remember, expressed when he polishes the newly made doll of Mayu, the Kokeshi dolls, and one of the more recent additions is Mayu, He lies to Mayu that there is a chance of bringing back Harada's soul if there is a soul to be exchanged for his. He's very rough and impatient to both his guests and fellow workers, especially to Decim whom he doesn't particularly like. Her fall to her "death" isn't particularly dignified either.