They’re a technique you’ll often learn by accident just by trying to learn to play the guitar! This technique can be taken to higher levels by playing octaves with the thumb, but for now focus on good technique with strumming regular chords. You want to avoid a buzzing sound from the string due to bad fretting technique. This is similar to finger picking. Electric guitar is the perfect music instrument for you! Thanks for reading this complete guide on essential guitar techniques every beginner needs to know. Playing alternate strummed eighths on the 1 and 3 and sixteenths on the 2 and 4. Sweep picking is a technique that is used to increase the speed at which you’re able to play individual notes. When you’re practicing use both down and upstrokes. It can be done with either your fret hand or picking hand (or both!). Try. You can also work this into longer progressions. Essential Electric Guitar Techniques. Cart Hello Select your address Best Sellers Deals Store New Releases Gift Ideas … 0. Guitar Tab and Chord Cheat Sheets! Pick a couple of basic guitar chords to play. Download our free set of guitar tab/chord cheat sheets to help you become a better guitar player faster! With a proper grip on your pick, use your wrist to strike the 6th string (top/thickest string). Use the side of bottom of your thumb, and if you want a different tone, try incorporating your thumbnail as well. If you do it correctly, you’l hear a clean pitch that glides upwards and stays clean throughout. If you do it right, you’ll hear a smooth change in pitch with no dead notes. Guitar basics #1 The anatomy of the guitar. Start by picking a string with a fretted note, and then remove your finger from the fret to let the open string ring out, producing a separate note. Slowly move your picking hand closer and further away from the strings – you’ll notice that the closer your hand is to the strings the more muted the sound gets. Make sure you’re practicing daily! Most importantly, you need to know how and when to move you strumming hand up and down (as explained in section 2). A guitar, like anything else has various bits to it, and those different bits have different names. Naturally, your fretting hand will already be better at this than your picking hand, but keep on practicing this and you’ll get better at it in no time. All of our products are designed to be world class in both quality and tonal performance while giving you the guitarist the tools you need to find 'the sound in your head'. Well here are 16 essential guitar techniques that you better be familiar with. Bending guitar strings is a great way to convey emotion through your performance. As it rings out, you use your fret finger to slide the string slightly up and down on the fret board. 16 absolutely essential skills every guitarist NEEDS to know. Palm Muting is a fantastic rock based technique that involves resting the side of your fretting hand on the bridge of the guitar where the strings cross over the saddles. Kindle Store Hello, Sign in. Make sure you are bending your finger with the right type of arch – your finger tip should be able to press down on a single string without affecting/touching any other string. Using vibrato is one of the most expressive ways to play guitar and adds so much flavor to a performance that would otherwise be dull. Enter your name and email below to download instantly. Sound confusing? Most of the time, your thumb should be placed behind the neck and not on top of it. So you use the same motion and resistance as sweep picking, but with a wrist action that allows you to alternate upward and downward sweeps.