We’ve been following the progress of the impressive total conversion mod project Fallout 4: New Vegas for a long time now, and we kept help but to share news every time we get a significant “Devlog” update from the team! How faithful are you planning to stay to the original? I just lost my video footage of the progress.... such clickbait! While we await more Fallout 76 news, the team behind the incredible impressive Fallout 4: New Vegas project have just given us a very positive status update for their work-in-progress. C’était ainsi l’occasion parfaite pour la Team F4NV de dévoiler de nouvelles images de Fallout 4: New Vegas, peut-être l’un des projets de mod les plus ambitieux qui soit. Fallout 4: New Vegas is an impassioned fan project that brings the best of New Vegas into the world of Fallout 4. Fallout New Vegas is considered by many to be the best Fallout game. Fallout 4: New Vegas is a community-run project aiming to remake Fallout: New Vegas in the newer Fallout 4 Creation Engine, taking advantage of some of the features of the newer engine to make for a better and more refined gameplay experience. And here's another of Primm, showing a screenshot from the original New Vegas, a work-in-progress version from mid-2017, and the newly-remade Primm in Fallout 4. A lire sur jeuxvideo.com : Entamé en août dernier, le projet fou Fallout 4 New Vegas vise, comme son nom l'indique, à recréer Fallout New Vegas avec le moteur de Fallout 4.