Now count carefully. It’s worth waiting 10 or 15 seconds for another Mineral if you need one in order to keep the machines going at maximum input. Here’s the most important tip for slower clickers—you can use upgrades you’ve bought later in the game to go back and replay earlier levels where you didn’t get Gold. Make 5 Cheeses as quickly as you can and sell them. Upgrade the truck to maximum ($250+$500+$1,500). When the truck returns ($1,4000), upgrade the helicopter ($800) and send the helicopter for 15 Decorations ($6000). Your goals here are simple: make enough money to buy the first Robot, then make $150,000. The Farm Frenzy series has an unusual title sequence: Farm Frenzy, Farm Frenzy 2, Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party, Farm Frenzy 3, Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie. Robots follow the same rules as animals, even though you can either buy them from the top of the screen or make them in a factory. Remember to pick up the fifth Dress and the Cream. Try to get $5,400 while still keeping at least two Sheep. When you have enough to get you to $1,000, sell them. Whenever Bears attack, warehouse them and sell them as convenient. Keep an eye on the red meter and don’t make the machine so hot it explodes! You may upgrade the Separator for $4,000 and the Dressing Room for $7,000. You can buy a Foundry for $6,000 and a Forge for $7,000. Once you have the money, upgrade the Curd Factory for $8,000. When the helicopter returns, send it back for two more Batteries ($40). Keep enough Minerals to make the goal, and sell both Robots. When the truck comes back, buy the Robot ($50,000). Send the helicopter for one Cake ($400), one Curd ($4,000), one Decoration ($400), and one Medal ($5,000). Products goal: 20 Turkeys, 5 Cakes, 6 Flour, Stars earned: 600, +200 Gold, +100 Silver. Curse of the Pharaoh: Napoleon's Secret Game Walkthrough, Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey Game Walkthrough, Mae Q'West and the Sign of the Stars Walkthrough. Sell 5 Cookies ($500). Prerequisites: You must buy the next level of the Dressing Room in the Shop before beginning. When you have another $1,000, buy a fifth Sheep. Products goal: 16 Mega Cakes, 16 Cloths, 16 Cheese, Stars earned: 13000, +2000 Gold, +1000 Silver. You don’t have to do extra clicking on the machines making the Cake, it will get done in time. Start with: $500, 2 free Cows, Dogs, Spinnery (5) Weaving Factory (5), Sewing Factory (5) Separator (5), Curd Factory (2), Cheese Factory (2). Sell six Cakes ($1,200) and a Bear ($80). Throughout the level, capture Bears and sell them when convenient. Right now you are probably at either 6, 7, or 8 Yarns made. You will not need to buy any machine upgrades, just click as quick as you can! Stars earned: 14000, +2000 Gold, +1000 Silver. Now just make Cookies as quickly as you can. You may upgrade the Egg Powder Factory for $550, the Cookie Bakery for $550, and the Cake Bakery for $600. When the truck returns ($30,000+), send the helicopter for 6 Medals ($30,000). Once you have 3 Minerals, start the Foundry. You may buy an Egg Powder Factory for $150, a Cookie Bakery for $200, a Cake Bakery for $300, and a Spinnery for $1,500. When the truck returns ($900), upgrade the truck twice (250+$500) and the warehouse ($150). Upgrade the warehouse twice ($150+$500) and the truck twice ($250+$500). Then you can just click the machines to keep them going and manage the truck and the helicopter. A lot of Bears will attack. You should make Gold easily. Now make the last set of Cookies as quickly as possible. Products goal: 26 Cakes, 5 Turkeys, 1 Wool, Stars earned: 1500, +200 Gold, +100 Silver. Slower clickers will want to get a Cat ($2,600) and eventually an automatic waterer ($250+$1,000+$1,500). Upgraded machines not only process more inputs, they also complete a cycle faster. Start with: $5,000, 10 free Cows, Forge (5), Tractor Factory (5), Separator (5), Curd Factory (5), Cheese Factory (5). When the truck returns ($3000), send the helicopter for 5 Decorations ($2,000). You should have over $6,000 on hand. When the helicopter returns, send it for 9 more Cheese Starters ($225). Upgrade the truck to maximum ($2,250) and the warehouse once ($150). But you’ll be able to save all of them about half the time. More Bears will attack—warehouse them and sell them with the last Dressed Bear. On several levels the only way to get Gold is to click some of the machines to make them run faster. Level 89 is good for getting either the Bears Trophy (for completing a level with Bears without clicking on any Bears) or the Products Trophy for completing a level without clicking on any products or predators). Slower clickers will want to buy the faster truck, better Bear cage, bigger warehouse, smarter cats, and maximum well (automatic waterer) in order to help reduce clicks required. You may upgrade Egg Powder Factory for $350 and the Cookie Bakery for $400. When the helicopter comes back, send it for 5 Cheese Starters ($125). Warehouse them, don’t sell them. When the truck returns ($1,000+), buy the second Sheep. You may also want to upgrade the truck for $250. Once you have collected 5 Milks, sell the Cows ($10,000), plus any Cream you have. Capture the next 2 Bears and sell them immediately ($160). The three machines in the Assembly cycle are first called the Forge (makes Ingots), the Foundry (makes Gears), and the Assembly Factory. Prerequisites: You must buy the next level of the Forge and the Foundry in the Shop before beginning. Every dollar matters on this level, so water sparingly but as needed and buy only the upgrades suggested: warehouse ($150), truck ($150+$500). Throughout the level, attempt to warehouse Bears so that you can dress them and sell them. If you say you don’t want to continue, you have to start all over—there are no save slots. Sell one Cake ($200) and five Flours ($100). Once the truck returns ($5,400+), send the helicopter for one Medal ($5,000) and one Decoration ($400). When Robots run out of energy, you will want to sell them to recoup some cash. Upgrade the truck ($250 + 500) and the warehouse ($500). Buy one more Turkey ($100) for a total of 5. Once you’ve made the Cookie, convert the Cookie Bakery to a Weaving Factory ($2,000) and make the Cloth. When the truck returns ($1,200), buy 12 Turkeys. Products goal: 10 Turkeys, 1 Sheep, 20 Cookies. Your current stars total is in the lower right corner of the screen. You may upgrade the Incubator for $270. There are many ways to get Gold on this one, and faster clickers will probably make it pretty much no matter what they choose. You may convert the Incubator to a Cake Bakery for $300. This will give you enough money for the fifth Turkey. Just make everything as quickly as you can. If you can catch it and sell it for water money immediately, the level will be much easier. Now you just need to sell enough to buy a Cow. This is one where you need to make the cash goal first, then you’ll have it to spend on things to make the other goals. Make two Mega Cakes as quickly as you can. When the truck returns ($2,500+), buy the Sewing Factory and make the Dress. Use the Incubator until you have 5 Turkeys total. Upgrade the helicopter ($400+$800) and send it for two Tractor Blueprints ($4,000), five Cheese Starters ($125) and 5 Batteries ($100). Start with: $140,000, Cake Bakery (5), Forge (5) Foundry (5), Assembly Factor (5) (may be converted to a Mega Cake Bakery for $6,000), Weaving Factory (5), Curds Factory (5).