Set your protein intake at 1.3-1.8 grams per kg of body weight. My question is; when would you carb load and how much on this work out plan for maximum development ? For the most powerful, science-backed approach to fat shredding, check out Boss Workouts: Shred – a 12-week training and diet plan written by experts just for you. Take every opportunity you can to boost general activity levels. Finally, try not to eat right before you go to bed as this can have side-effects on your sleep. If your current body fat percentage borders on 20% or more, you’ve not got the skills to enter this workout. Six weeks is more than enough time for someone to lean down by a substantial amount, provided that they’re in the low body fat ranges. This will not only give you more energy to train but enhance and enable better recovery. As for nutrition timing, we’d suggest five to six small feeds throughout the day. However, a bodybuilding diet plan for women might differ a bit from the standard diet for a few reasons. I’m hovering around 11%. It must be done properly and it must be always followed. This is why most women who are trying to do both at the same time see no results and give up. I go to bed at 11:00. Bro Point: The cutting diet isn’t a simple or easy walk in the park. The 6-week cut program is built around carb cycling and intense workout sessions. Look and feel better than ever with Spot Me Bro. Your email address will not be published. Pre-Contest Dieting: Obviously the most pertinent issue regarding pre-contest preparation is the diet aspect of preparation. The 6-Week Cut Diet. Leave your excuses at the door bro; this is all about full-force fat assault. 1500 Calorie Sample Meal Plan and Supplement Schedule Pair the 4-Week Shred above with the sample meal plan and supplement schedule below to achieve a lean, strong physique. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise program or dietary supplements. On the other hand, if you are a tiny female, then you may need only half as much. When eating before your workout try to fit in any big meals up to two hours before your session to allow for digestion. This will be my workout plan for the next few weeks. Check out Boss Workouts: Shred Review and Results for a no-holds barred look at this brutally-effective fat-torching program. But they allow you to regulate what happens during a cutting diet much better than a standard approach. It doesn’t need to be an overly-complicated daily undulating periodization plan or the like, this isn’t the Olympia. Whole eggs with cheddar cheese and bacon fried in butter, Salad with virgin olive oil and lemon dressing, Any food that is high on the glycemic index – donuts, pizza, fries, cinnabon, etc. Reducing your caloric intake by ~40% calories will be enough to induce fast fat loss. The consequence is that your body can metabolize muscle mass if you have some to spare. It’s all backed up with the science of what and why you need to be doing, to cut back unwanted fat. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging., You’ll be hitting an aggressive, low-calorie diet, The main source of calories across the board will be protein, Target major muscles with squats, presses, pulls, deadlifts and weighted carries, Keep your reps in the 5-8 zone. Thursday Day 4 – Quads, Hamstrings and Calves. Your email address will not be published. Especially when you’re one of those guys known for smashing sweet treats down his throat. Monday Day 1 – Back and Biceps. 3 mile run. Cardio, treadmill, 3.3 mph 15 % incline, 20-30 minutes. Can you please advise? I’d say carb load on your highest intensity days. I will be doing splits as described in this excellent article. Use carbs either before your workout for stored energy, or afterwards for recovery and replenishment. It’s not for dudes with more fat than a stick of butter either. However, try to save any tough sessions for your high carb day. On a 6-week cutting diet you’ve not got time to f*ck around having cheat meals here, there and everywhere. When you’re balls deep in a hunger-inducing calorie deficit, your body will do all it can to hold onto fat – it’s an evolutionary response. Here is a sample day with a scheduled morning workout. Read our disclaimers & disclosure page to find out more. Run this program as outlined for 4 weeks, take a break, and repeat as many times as you'd like. To create a fat-burning diet that fits your situation, adjust the portion sizes based on your calculator values for daily calories and macros.