I have noticed that red violet light a few times. Fixing Non Working Buttons of Any Remote Control: Remote control buttons have a conductive thin layer beneath. Reassemble your remote control and you are good to go! Some of them have screws and some don't. Participated in the Before and After Contest 2016, Participated in the Hack Your Day Contest. The remote now works perfectly again. Fix unresponsive buttons easily by disassembling and cleaning the remote. We'll see how long it lasts... That's a great Instructable mate Thanks for sharing this with us all. Thanks. Now take all the other pieces of your remote control and give them a good wash using some mild soap. Thats a really cool idea. Experimentation proved that one needs to carefully remove all the powder fromeverywhere except the pads (using acetone or isopropyl alcohol rather than water). You might consider using a hole punch on the aluminium to create the pieces to glue to the bad keypad buttons. Thanks chap! https://www.instructables.com/id/Fixing-Non-Working-Buttons-of-Any-Remote-Control/?ALLSTEPS. Fine copper wire plus a streak of solder should bridge the gap in a damaged section. Mine didn't have any so using a flat screwdriver I disassembled it quite easily. Hi imnew to this forum but i am impressed by the skills of you all ,I did the digital camera trick on my remote ,its abit strange because when i press the buttons it stops flashing when there are no buttons pressed it flashes quite fast is this correct ,i dont think so any ideas please would be most welcome ,i cant find another remote that will do the trick. Hi my friend. There is nothing more annoying than having an unresponsive remote control!! - YouTube Tip: To see if your remote control works properly open your phones camera, point the remote towards the lens of the camera and press and hold any button on the remote while viewing the screen on the camera. Having seen Antzy Carmasaic's comment (and then DabeAltis's) inhttps://www.instructables.com/id/Fixing-Non-Working-Buttons-of-Any-Remote-Control/?ALLSTEPS, I've just applied a dab of UHU to each button's pad and sprinkled powdered pencil graphite over them while the glue was still wet. But in any case you see light is a good thing. I never knew about pointing the remote at your phones camera to check. DO NOT wash the main board! I have a feeling that this is possibly because our foil is "non-stick" as I realised today. The foil idea definitely works: I have used it to fix our TV remote volume buttons. You have tried everything, changed the batteries but your remote is quite old and you are about to replace it!You don't have to though, just a few basic tools and matterials… Generaly once you clean the mainboard and the keypad you are ready to assemble the remote control and use it again. As a result, although the batteries are full and you apply great pressures on the button they do not … Wash all the plastics and also the rubber keypad. Wicked, I bought a tv with an unresponsive remote last week. Awesome! Thanks for your comment. It still worked.Until they could not resist sticking their fingers inside and breaking off the exposed PURPLE LED's.I'm fairly good at soldering, and could solder replacements in.They sell IR LED's on eBay, but they identify the PURPLE ONES, as the TiVo Remote has, as RECEIVERS.To me that makes no sense.The CLEAR LED's on eBay are called EMITTERS.Would not the TiVo Remote be using EMITTERS ?If so, why are they PURPLE ? Cleaning the pads with alcohol usually works for a time, but sometimes a remote becomes unres. Fixing An Unresponsive Remote Control. My children are rough on everything.They dropped my TiVo Remote; the protector lens cap fell off and disappeared.