Scales can kill azaleas, so I’m afraid your leafless branches may be dead already. A simple home remedy bleach solution will do the job. Moss growing in your lawn or garden can be frustrating if you do not want it there. That being said, you can normally reduce the growth rate of Spanish moss simply by providing adequate fertilizer and water to your trees. (It often grows better than grass in places where grass shouldn't be planted.) You do not have to worry about the moss and scab. The problem with trying to kill the moss chemically is that you're almost certain to kill the rhodies, too. How to Get Rid of Spanish Moss. But the moss and scab itself are not harmful as they only sit on the outer bark. Or it may return after being carried by birds. But, like rhodies and azaleas, it prefers a shaded and moist climate. Let’s look at how to kill moss. Ridding lawn of moss takes a little work, but it can be done. Follow some steps to kill moss on tarmac. Killing moss is really a matter of making your lawn an unsuitable place for moss to grow. It is alright to brush it off as this cleans the bark. It also gives your lawn a nice dark green colour. Remove any moss that can be pulled out. I wouldn’t prune them off yet, though. In general, moss and scab are indicators for high humidity in your garden microclimate. To avoid breathing in the chemicals or getting chemicals in eyes, the gear should be put on prior to using any moss killer. If you discover a patch of moss on your pavement, there is no need to rush out and purchase a harsh chemical to kill it. However, they grow only very slowly so, unlike moss and algae, are slow to colonise. In fact, the best way to kill the moss is to remove it as it grows by hand. Put on protective gear. For areas with heavy growth, the moss can be pulled out and mostly removed, which makes it easier to kill the roots. This could be caused by a dense tree top but also by the grown surroundings in your garden. And even after thorough removal, inevitably the Spanish moss may still grow back. Lichens prefer areas with clean air, so are more common in rural districts. Lichens are particularly adaptable as they are able to exist where nutrients, and sometimes water, are scarce. If you decide to use Clorox bleach to kill the moss and lichens, it may take repeated applications. Even once you kill the moss or lichen, the shoots and foliage that grew while they were still alive will be visible for a while unless they are forcibly removed. The moss may actually be helping the rhodies by absorbing extra moisture that might be too much for the plants. Treat the moss and lichen as soon as possible for best results. How to kill the moss in your lawn instantly. Algae, lichens and moss are found in damp places, as not only do they need moisture for growth but also for reproduction.