Keep in mind that methods for preserving food in olive oil will vary depending on whether the food is to be kept for a short time in the refrigerator, (e.g. Should I dry the rosemary first? Choose an olive oil that’s priced according to how you’ll use it. Every summer my garden is overflowing with fresh basil which we often use in tomato salad, pesto, bruschetta, or to make this simple basil oil that’s delicious on EVERYTHING!! For more of a finishing oil—to use on salads and in pestos, for example—experiment with something fancier. I also freeze in small portions so it gets used quickly, and I always cover any leftover with olive oil. From the time it’s bottled, olive oil has a shelf life of 18 to 24 months. How to Store Fresh Basil in Olive Oil. Is it going to grow something funky even submerged in the oil? My recipe has lemon juice which keeps the pesto from darkening too quickly. 1 decade ago. I make the pesto, fill 1/2 cup or 1 cup jars to about 3/4″ from the top. Any advice would be appreciated. 2-3 weeks), in a freezer (for up to 12 months) or to be stored at room temperature in a pantry or cupboard (for 1 – 2 years or more). Thanks in advance! Panda B. Answer Save. I love COR’s Arbequina, which is fruity and costs $20. Basil Olive Oil. Cover with Olive oil. Blend on slow first and then on a fast setting until all the basil … 3 Answers. Stuff the leaves in a blender packing them pretty tightly. Favorite Answer. Discussions. Starting at $15, these can get very pricey, and they usually have a more intense taste. You could wash them but best results are obtained when the leaves are perfectly dry. 0. For cooking and everyday use, look for something in the $9 to $15 range. AubreyP8. And because it’s just 5 ingredients – extra virgin olive oil, garlic and basil, salt and crushed red pepper flakes – it’s naturally dairy-free, Whole30 approved and vegan. Relevance. I am making a dipping sauce with olive oil and fresh basil by slightly cooking the herbs in the oil, then cooling and storing it. Pick the leaves off your basil plants immediately after harvesting them. Would it be better to tightly cork the bottle (it has one of those dispenser spouts now, like a liquor bottle)? The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments. How long would it likely keep on a shelf? There is no need to dispose of unused fresh basil, nor do you need to freeze it or dry it. Then cover with about a 1/4″ of olive oil and a lid and freeze. Are there any ways to prolong the shelf life? Treat it in any way? How long would fresh basil olive oil keep? How long should it keep?