This method prepares the hair for its straightening with the hair straightener. Modern beach waves begin a few inches away from the top of the head, so when curling with a hair straightener, insert the iron at eye level. Divide your hair in two to create a top and a bottom section. 4. Spray the hair with GHD Curl Hold spray before styling for heat protection and to create longer lasting curls. Section hair. Your flat iron, a versatile styling tool, can be used to create waves and curls. Ahead, our favorite products for perfecting the look. “You can usually do an entire head with 10 sections or less.” Straightener curls … 3. Spritz a paddle brush with hair spray and brush it through gently to blend the curls together and pin one side back behind your ears for an effortlessly glamorous finish. To straighten men’s hair, first rub argan or coconut oil from the roots to the tips of your damp hair. Plus, with ultra-smooth ceramic plates, they make gliding through your hair soft and gentle—perfect for creating curls. For invisible hold (that doesn't feel crunchy), mist Kristen Ess's Signature Finishing Spray all over the hair. Omit the Ends. How to curl hair with a straightener: 1. We’ve put together a super easy guide that will leave you a hair curling pro in no time. Watch Now: How to Curl You Hair With a Straightener. Ahead, a seven step guide on how to curl your hair with a hair straightener. A curling iron is probably the easiest tool to use to curl straight hair temporarily. Whether you prefer straighteners, tongs, or no heat at all – we’ve got you covered. Activate HELLO! Step Two . Beachy waves have become the hairstyle of a generation. Repeat on top section. Be sure to curl in alternating directions to create a … If you wish to change your mind and would like to stop receiving communications from, you can revoke your consent by clicking on "unsubscribe" in the footer of the newsletter. Pull the straightener down the hair shaft as if you were going to straighten your hair as normal. "I like to put my hand at the bottom and do full turn, then gently slide it down the hair," Anton told HELLO! Getting beach waves with a straightener is effortless once you learn how to curl your hair with a flat iron. ONE: Make sure hair is dry and brushed through. Get £114 worth of products in HELLO's Royal Beauty Box for just £38! 's newsletter, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted's privacy policy, the cookies policy, and the website terms of use, and that you consent to using your data according to the established laws. It also smells amazing. Starting with a small section of hair, clamp down your straightener (genty) towards the top of the hair section. 0:52. Start with clean and dry hair. Keep scrolling to discover the easiest way to curl your hair with a straightener. As a final step, you might find that you enjoy the defined curls you've created, or you might want to shake them out (or run a brush through them) to get more textured, perfectly undone waves. alerts and find out about everything before anyone else. “We use a flat iron to curl hair on photo sets all the time,” says Matrix Artistic Director Dilek Onur-Taylor. With clever predictive plates, the GHD Platinum+ styler reacts to your hair's unique texture and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Anton advises that using smaller sections of hair will create a tighter curl, while larger pieces will give a loose wave. But creating the undone, textured style isn't always as easy as it looks. If you prefer more defined curls you can leave it like this, but if you want a looser wave you can brush it through for a more relaxed finish. By registering to HELLO! Forget about your curling iron. Well, it was. If your hair is on the fine side, boost volume with Jen Atkin's cult Ouai Wave Spray. Keep scrolling to discover the easiest way to curl your hair with a straightener. Instead, use a conditioner for moisturizing the scalp and the hair. Prep hair before heat styling with a protection spray. To achieve healthy and natural curly locks you will first need to skip the shampoo. However, to curl short, medium and long men’s hair, there are a few main products you’ll need: a heat protection spray, sea salt spray, and hair dryer. Once you've curled your entire hair, use your fingers to massage the roots, which will help to break up the curls and give you that beachy, undone look. Repeat for each section of hair. Let your gorgeous curls cool down, and comb through with a wide tooth comb for a gorgeous, soft curl look. Pivot the straightener 180 degrees (a half-turn) away from your face and gently pull the straightener down straight through the rest of your hair. Clamp the hair with the styler facing downwards vertically and then twist it round. 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Take a 2-inch section of hair from the lower section and place your ghd platinum+ styler at the root. To Curl Men’s Hair For the best chance of getting curls that will stay in place all day, follow these steps. But when you get to the part of your hair where you'd like the curl to begin (middle-to-end of the section for a natural, beachy look) stop and proceed to step three. Personalised jewellery pieces she'll love this Christmas, Get 20% off Dower & Hall jewellery ahead of Christmas with code HELLOFASHION20. Straightener curls are fast. Starting with a small section of hair, clamp down your straightener (genty) towards the top of the hair section. step one: Section your hair. It uses heat and the twisting motion imparted to put a curl into the hair that can be held with mousse or hairspray. With curling wands. 3 Byrdie Editors Try Dyson's Brand New Straightener—Here Are Our Honest Reviews. Why You Should Curl Your Hair with a Straightener. The stylist also recommended that you only hold the styler lightly instead of clamping it tightly onto your hair, as it is not the pressure that gives you the curl but the heat and the styling technique. 5. In this case, blow dry your hair as you simultaneously pass a wide-tooth comb softly through your hair locks to extend them. They're as iconic as the '80s perm, the '90s Rachel and the pin-straight hair of the '00s. By using Byrdie, you accept our. Then, comb through one section of your hair at a time as you use a blow dryer to dry and straighten that section. This luxurious mist not only protects hair from heat damage, but it also nourishes strands and seals split ends, leaving your hair super soft with a mirror-like shine. Work around your head to completely curl this bottom section. How to curl hair with straighteners: Follow our step-by-step guide to master the style. There’s a million different curling wands to choose from. You want to move seamlessly from step two to step three while moving your straightener continuously, which might take a little practice. Finally, put a little smoothing serum on your hair … How to Get Curly Hair for Men Method 1 . We paid a visit to the GHD headquarters in London, where GHD stylist and Education Manager Anton Alexander gave us a step-by-step guide of how to curl your hair with straighteners on Facebook Live. Take one piece of hair at a time and place the styler near the top, a couple of inches away from the roots. Style the front. Gently brush out for loose curls. Start by sectioning off the hair so you can work on smaller pieces at a time. Spritz it onto hair when damp, or after heat styling to give a beachy texture to the hair. Repeat the technique until all of your hair is in loose curls. By Elsa Mcalonan for MailOnline. Step One . Curl with your straightener. GHD stylist Anton Alexander shows how to curl your hair with straighteners. Rotate it backwards - around 180° - and glide to the ends of your hair to create a curl. Learn how to curl your hair with straighteners with our step-by-step tutorial from GHD stylist and Education Manager Anton Alexander. Chloe is a freelance beauty writer and editor whose work can be found in publications including Byrdie, Look, Refinery29, Brides, and Elle.