Mark where each shelf bracket will be installed. How to hang christmas lights from my rain gutters?? Repurposing palm shaped ceiling fan blades? For toggle bolts, squeeze the butterfly wings together and slip the bolt through the hole. Thick plaster walls or paneling might bury studs too deep, making the studs inaccessible. You'll need the proper materials and methods to build a stud-free closet shelf. Align the upper edge of one shelf bracket with the level pencil line. Cut the holes just below the top edge of the support boards and then on one of those boards cut the width of your pipe from the shallow side. Use a power drill with a drill bit that is the same diameter as your bolts. there are round rod holders in the hardware store that attach to each side of the closet. Choose the type of bolts needed for your wall. I used the Lido heavy duty chrome closet rod flanges, and the 1-5/16" heavy duty chrome closet rod. How do I fix a bar fridge that doesn't work? Closet Rod Installation. May 30, 2014 - In this video, we show how to install a closet rod when you don't have any wall studs to screw into for a strong mount. Repeat for each bracket. I will be hanging winter coats and sweaters, so it has to be sturdy. Adjust one end of the level until the bubble is centered, then trace the edge of the level onto the wall. This was because there was already a wooden crosspiece attached to the wall at each end of the closet, and I attached the pole sockets/flanges to that. Shelves don't have to be equal distances apart. Tailor your closet design to your needs. I moved into a home with a hall Closet with no clothes rod. You Never Thought Of Using An Old Fence Like This (12 Ideas). Shiplap? Paint? Bad floor with ugly linoleum that pops up at seams. Molly bolts are bolts with a sleeve that expand behind the wall as you tighten the bolt. Set a carpenter’s square on the board with the short lip of the square against the edge and the 90-degree corner of the square at the pencil mark. Fasten the remaining bolts in each bracket. Drill a hole through the wall at each mark. After almost 2 years concrete still dark color with cracks. Depending on the length of the rod, you'll need a support at each end, as well as perhaps one in the middle. Few closets are complete without a closet rod on which to hang clothing. How to Build Closet Shelving Without Wall Studs. WWYD? I use a hole cutter that works with my drill to accommodate the pipe size. I used the Lido heavy duty chrome closet rod flanges, and the 1-5/16" heavy duty chrome closet rod. Insert rod into the right side round bracket first. That way you can still have room for longer coats and plenty of room for shorter jackets and snow pants, ski outfits, etc. You have to make sure that the rod supports are all screwed firmly, with at least two-inch screws, into the wooden studs, so you may need a studfinder. Nailing a 1-inch strip of wood across the top of the front edge of a shelf creates a lip which prevents small items from falling off. Locate studs on the back wall of the closet with a stud finder. Measure one long edge of a piece of 1-inch by 12-inch medium-density fiberboard or laminated shelving board to the shelf length measurement. If your walls are drywall, plaster or paneling, use a common drill bit. Your pipe needs to be cut the full length of the closet walls minus 1/4". Trace the edge of the square across the board, making a line straight out from the pencil mark. Bolts or screws should be small enough in diameter to fit through the screw openings in the shelf brackets, but the heads should be large enough to prevent the screws from slipping through the holes. If the wall is masonry, use a masonry drill bit. Determine how many brackets you need. How do I fix my chandelier that has separated? My closet is about 8 feet wide, so I opted for 4 supports, because it is jammed with winter coats. If your rod’s too long, you’ll have to measure the closet width and saw the rod down to size. How do i decorate this wall? thanks Jane! Tighten it with a power drill and a Phillips screwdriver bit. I bought the kind of brackets that are flat on top to hold a shelf, and I bought the ready-made white shelving, too. cut a pole to fit. Closet shelves are usually anchored to the wall where the mounting screws can grab wall studs. from the floor, which allowed just enough room to hang two levels of pants. If you don't want to drill through the wall, purchase and assemble a closet shelf unit from a home improvement center and slip the unit into the closet. Place a 4-foot level horizontally against the closet wall at the height where you want the shelf. You’ll want to mount the sockets about 5 feet high and 10 feet from the back of the wall to give you enough space to hang your clothes. thank you. What type of support did you use at either end? Align the hole openings with the appropriate drilled holes in the wall. Measure left to right across the area where you want a shelf. I bought the rod and fittings at Home Depot. How to Secure a 2X4 Cleat to a Concrete Block Wall, How to Attach Floor Joists to a Concrete Block House, This Old House: Choosing the Proper Fastener, Family Handyman: How to Choose and Use Concrete Fasteners, How to Attach a Load-Bearing Shelf to a Garage Wall.