Your hi-hat patterns can make or break a beat. You might also like to check out a similar lesson which explores tones from your ride cymbal. I believe the spirit is giving you a starting point to explore and came up with your ideas too. Audio Example of Hats with Tape Delay: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This gels the left and right delays together and makes the hats feel like they are in a real space. Materials Needed. All feedback is appreciated! Now you can blend the dry hats channel (with the Attack), with the "effected" hats channel (with the processing). Hi Gary, If you have one, it may sound more realistic to cut off the first sound with a ‘pedal’ sample. 2. On one of the inserts add Logic's Tape Delay plug-in, and dial in the settings below. In our blog articles “5 Tips for Mixing High End” and “8 Tips for Taming Harsh Treble in the Mix” we provided some general tips for managing high end in a mix. Now grab the pen tool and draw a region on the arrange page for us to edit the MIDI. The hi-hat is one of the most expressive parts of the drum kit and yet many drummers don’t use it to it’s full potential. Like with the Tape Delay, adjust the Left and Right Mix controls to taste. Some one … © 2020 Eight Ways To Play Five Four On The Drums, MP3 backing tracks to practice with and develop great timing. But many drummers use the same part of their drum stick on the same part of the hi-hat and get used to the fact that the hi-hat doesn’t sound good, or can’t produce much variation. Changing the TD-50 Hi-Hat Cymbal Size. If you need support, please visit our. It's amazing how much life you got out of that beat. Today, we’re diving into a specific sound that occupies the top end of the frequency spectrum: hi-hats. From there you’ll select your minimum and maximum amount for the repeated subdivision. They work great in Logic Pro X, Pro-Tools, FL Studio, Ableton, Garage Band and more. You can surprise yourself how interesting things can get when you start throwing those Logic plugins on the channel strips. 1. Watch the video below to learn all the different hi-hat sounds we can achieve. Well-constructed hat patterns can make a stale beat groove. Required fields are marked *. Now Double click this region to open it in the Piano Roll (Drum Editor) window. Just to spice it up a bit more I have added a sprinkle of Chorus to modulate the hats more. The hi-hat is one of the most expressive parts of the drum kit and yet many drummers don’t use it to it’s full potential. This is great stuff! We'd love your thoughts, feedback and questions regarding our new site. Use Background Pads to Set the Vibe 9th Wonder - Hi Dazzle (Instrumental) - YouTube How the hell does 9th do it. is an online education community for creative computer users. Increase the Wet control to taste depending on your hat pattern. We have cross-fed some of the left channel into the right channel, and visa versa. The Hats pattern may seem a bit flat, but here is where the fun starts. We are exploring your hi-hat sound, and specifically how to make the hi-hat sound good. Learn how to get different tones from the hi-hat. In the closed position – thicker hi-hats have a brighter, more articulate sound, while thinner hi-hats are darker with less projection. By clicking below you can gain access to a FREE ‘Drummer Timing 101’ drum course that will give you the knowledge, tools and exercises that you need to quickly get your timing up to the level it needs to be. Your email address will not be published. When mixing drums, the hi-hat typically doesn’t get as much consideration as low end elements. 1. We will also explore the different sound effects that we can achieve when we hit different parts of the hi-hat. Just great free drum content that I hope provides real value for you. They don’t understand how to make the hi-hat sound good and how to use the hi-hat for different effects. So ultimately, it all comes down to a compromise. Layer the wrong sounds and you end up with something really messy. I have stuck with the default Ultrabeat drum kit.