Using natural or prescription products to regrow hair may eventually help to improve the volume of hair … You don’t need to have long blonde hair to wear your hair long, but it is more striking thanks to the light, bright hue that isn’t available with darker shades of hair. Got a question about your hair? A ponytail is the most hassle-free way to wear long hair. Another reason you’ll love dreads is that they work well with different styles. Chris Hemsworth best exemplifies the half-up and half-down man bun trend in his role as Thor. Some 85% of men will experience major hair thinning by the time they’re 50, and then there are men who have naturally fine hair. Although it’s been overshadowed by the man bun in... Textured Long Wavy Hair… Work a gel or paste into your hair in an upward motion to create more height in your style. The modern version incorporates a pompadour into the mix to offset the fluidity, which you can achieve by blow-drying your fringe up and back, then letting it dry naturally. Agents that damage the hair strand, leaving it weaker and brittle can cause breakage and further thinning. Clear communication allows the professional cutting your hair to advise you as well as cut your hair properly with your vision in mind. Want to create the illusion of more voluminous hair? In many ways, this trend is bold and edgy since it’s tough to get right, and you must be confident even if you nail it the first time. But we are here for you different latest men hairstyles, you can try these styles on your hair … Men with long curly hair can show off their beautiful curls in all their glory. We’ve created a roundup of hairstyles for men with fine hair that are flattering and easy to create. A mousse or spray with sea salt will give you the texturized, surfer aesthetic that guys after a day at the beach. Try adding a beard or goatee to ensure you have the confidence required to nail this flattering appearance. Before growing out your hair, make sure to have realistic goals and make sure having the patience to grow out your hair is … 7. However, adding facial hair to your style will make a statement that’s hard to ignore. Some fine-haired men are ready to embrace the thinness of their strands, while others are looking for ways to add volume and camouflage what they see as hair care challenges. Plus, it’s versatile enough to wear professionally or outside the office, which is a bonus for men with long hair as overgrown locks can appear wild and cluttered. Smoothness is easy to achieve by brushing it thoroughly when it’s wet, yet consistency is more challenging. Grow your hair out even longer and tie your hair back into a man bun. The difference between long and straight hair and short and straight hair is night and day. By brushing back the thick hair in the front and middle of your head, guys can create a flowing look that prevents loose or messy strands from sticking out and appearing uncouth. If you fancy attempting something more daring, you can braid your hair along the top and sides of your head and tie the remaining strands into a thick bun. What you must decide is whether you want your hair to be smooth or full of texture. Those are the five go-to hairstyles for men with fine hair. If you’re finding that your fine hair has started to thin out, don’t panic just yet. Hair products can be intimidating, we get it. If you want to appear younger and vibrant, you can let your hair grow out and match your hairstyle with a dapper closet. Although it’s been overshadowed by the man bun in recent years, a ponytail is still a fantastic option for guys who want a trendy aesthetic without too much maintenance. Should You Shave Before or After A Shower? Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive hair care tips and tricks from the experts at All Things Hair. Although lots of men try to curb them, there isn’t a better way to create an originally attention-grabbing style than letting them grow out. For inspiration, you should follow Chris Hemsworth’s ponytail game because it’s on-point when he’s on the go. Heavily Styled If you want to keep your beard clean, you'll need to learn to wash it with the best beard soaps. In many ways, the ponytail hairstyle has become more iconic with time because it’s stylish and practical for guys with longer hair. 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