Businessperson and sports promoter Dr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy celebrated his sadhabishekam … The row, after all, concerns Chettinad House, a south Chennai mansion said to be worth at least Rs 1,200 crore in the market. About M. A. M. Ramaswamy Muttaiya Annamalai Muthiah Ramaswamy (30 September 1931 – 2 December 2015) was an Indian industrialist, politician and race horse owner who served as Chairman of the Chettinad Group of Companies and a member of the Upper House … He is on the Board of Directors at Chettinad Cement Corp. Ltd.He … Dr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy is Chairman at Chettinad Morimura Semiconductor Material Pvt Ltd. and Chairman at Madras Race Club. M.A.M. Ramaswamy, the patriarch of the Chettinad family, has accused his adopted son, M.A.M… The Chettinad House zone at the far end of Raja Annamalaipuram turned into a celebration centre on Sunday.