That’s some commitment so we want to be assured that you understand what it is that you are committing yourself to. The interviewer wants to know exactly why you chose this path in nursing rather than one of the other options. We’re looking for people who are serious about a career in mental health nursing and are fully aware of the commitment it requires. If you have any questions about your interview after you’ve received an invite please email Different universities use different interview styles and you may find yourself in a group interview rather than an individual one. Describe what you think a Mental Health nurse does and what type of people or groups you might work with, What qualities do you need to be a good professional, Tell us about your interests and what you do in your spare time, Tips for your mental health nursing interview. Mental health nurse interview questions & answers. It helps if you can demonstrate how your outside interests ground you, support your values or beliefs, or will help you deal with stress. The interviewer is asking you to demonstrate that you’ve researched what being a mental health nurse involves and wants qualities you would need to be successful. "We want people to become mental health nurses who feel strongly about engaging with people and their families to help them to work in partners in crafting their care and their recovery.". Interview. Think about what the pitfalls might be for nurses engaging in social media like Facebook and Twitter. Last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 08:44 am. This is an important one to get right. Don’t be afraid to come to the interview with a list of questions that you have written down – it shows that you’ve prepared. Turn the question on its head and think what might constitute being unprofessional. Lots of people seem to be unprepared for this or don’t know how to answer it. If you're preparing for a nursing interview for mental health nursing, here are some tips that will help.. What we're looking for "Mental health nurses help people to live as full lives as possible and to fulfil their aspirations irrespective of the diagnosis they may have been given," says Mark James, subject lead for Mental Health Nursing at USW. If you’re applying to any university to study a medical or health care related degree then you’re going to need to attend an interview. You are asking to come on a course for the next three years of your life. Be confident – mental health nurses need to be assertive and unafraid to challenge or ask questions. Show that you have an understanding of what it is that mental health nurses do. Now you finally meet all legal requirements to apply for one of the highest paying nursing jobs in the world–psychiatric (mental health… Prev Careers About Jobs Events Stories. So try not to simply reel off a string of meaningless information that we already know from your application about how old you are and where you are from. Give examples how you do this and how you match the requirements of the role. 1. Start with general questions, making them more specific as you move through the interview. Be prepared – know your CV and personal statement. After many years of hard studies, you earned your Nursing degree. To help you prepare for an individual question session here are some sample questions that could be asked during a mental health nursing university interview: There are four main areas of nursing: adult, child, learning disabilities, and mental health. University of Dundee Nethergate Dundee Scotland, UK What is your greatest weakness for […]