Its range extends from Mexico south to Peru and Brazil, but it has been widely introduced to South [citation needed] and Southeast Asia, as well as the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii. Monkey Pod grows in Latin America Weight 3.5 lbs /Bd. Italiano 1 652 000+ voci. English 6 195 000+ articles. Français 2 270 000+ articles. From Wikipedia: Known as the rain tree, monkey pod, cenizaro, saman, and cow tamarind, Samanea saman is a tall canopied tree with a large symmetrical crown. It is native to the mainland neotropics, from Mexico south to Peru and Brazil, but has been widely introduced to the Pacific islands, including Hawaii, where it is categorized as an invasive species. Average 5/10 . As it is used for guitar back and sides, it will be a hard, dense wood weighing in at the 40lb per cubic foot range. Русский 1 678 000+ статей. Good 4/10 . Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. Red Oak . The pulp is also used in traditional medicine and as a metal polish.The tree's wood can be used for woodworking and tamarind seed oil can be extracted from the seeds. a tropical American tree, Pithecolabrium saman, of the legume family, having spreading branches and dense heads of small pink flowers. Red Oak . Wood Texture. Deutsch 2 503 000+ Artikel. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Selection may vary depending upon availability. Monkey Pod Collection featuring Wood Calabash Bowls | Flat Wood Trays | Wooden Leaf Trays | Wood Salad Sets | Pineapple Wood Trays| Wood Serving Trays | Flower Salad Bowl Sets | Pineapple Salad Bowl Sets | A Party "Must Have" for your next Hawaiian Style get together! ft.) Hardness 920 Janka Rating -28.68% softer than red oak (1290 psi) Density 0.51 Specific Gravity -20.31% less dense than red oak (.64) General Workability. Ease of Finishing. Samanea saman, also sometimes known as the rain tree, is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, now in the Mimosoid clade and is native to Central and South America. 日本語 1 239 000+ 記事. Monkey pod wood seems to have very good and unusual grain patterns. Red Oak . Good 4/10 . Some exotic tropical hardwoods are known to be toxic and protection should be used (frequent hand washing). The tamarind tree produces brown, pod-like fruits that contain a sweet, tangy pulp, which is used in cuisines around the world. Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman is a place where foodies, beer lovers, and families escape the stresses of their day-to-day lives by enjoying an ice-cold beer and a great meal while surrounded by people who consider them honored guests and friends. Tamarind's tender young leaves are used in Indian cuisine. Also called rain tree. Ft.-2.23% lighter than red oak (3.58 /bd. Español 1 641 000+ artículos.