2. See abstract for more details. This is only for entering in a special character for your title or your name. Alt Code symbols on Laptop keyboard Guide on making symbols by using Alt codes on laptop keyboard. Punctuation keys. Engage the students by asking some questions based on the keys on the keyboard. Keyboard. We will now have a look at the special keyboard characters in a list form. Open a word document and let the students experience the effect of pressing special keys on different applications. Open a browser window and repeat the same process. Description; 0032: Space! 3. For example: b is the B key and 5 is the 5 key. At the same time, there are also other symbols like &, %, #, @, $, etc., which can also be typed directly from the keyboard. Note:- All the keys mentioned below should be used by pressing and holding the Alt key followed by the number specified for that character. To insert a special character, simply hold the ALT key on your keyboard and enter in the corresponding code. The abstract section has different requirements. Here is a list of special keys that are found on a keyboard. The function keys are those keys on the keyboard, which can type in punctuations, which includes ‘.’, ‘,’, ‘;’ and a number of other punctuation symbols that can be used in text editors. 5. 4. The five major groups of keys on a standard keyboard are:The typewriter keys (letters and numbers)The function keys (F1, F2, etc. Special Character Alt+. Keyboard Special Keys Name Keyboard Symbols Names and Functions Pdf Learn Computer Keyboard List of Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts List of Keyboard Keys Microsoft Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys and Their Functions Name the Control Buttons Where Are They Present Office Shortcuts Opposite of Ctrl+z Mac Parts of Keyboard and Their Functions Pdf Parts of the Keyboard … Windows Laptop . Note: The names of the letter and number keys are the same as that single letter or digit. Learn how to do special alternative characters using your keyboard's Alt key and numeric Key Pad. Although any single character can be used as a key name, its meaning (scan code or virtual keycode) depends on the current keyboard layout. Article shows where are number pad keys on laptops located and describes how to type Alt codes using it. You'll know how to do Alt-key codes on a laptop after reading this.