Freya 3. Mythology often brings us great baby names that have a fabulous story attached to them. It is of Spanish origin. The name is derived from the Egyptian word Ymnhtp, which means ‘peace of Amon’. 120+ Cheer Team Names [2020] All Star, Cheer Leading Squad Names, 130+ Funny Nicknames For Boys [2020] Funny Boy Names Also. Names with deep meaning and well wishes show your love and future dreams for your son. Nope, it’s not an homage to the Beatles frontman—this Irish name translates to “lover.” Oh là là. Fenmore 25 Arabella. Some names simply mean wolf, such as ‘Bleiz’ and ‘Lobo’, whilst others have more complex origins and meanings, therefore there are plenty of ideas for you to explore. By Amy Valm A famous bearer was the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), who was actually born Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart but preferred the Latin translation of his Greek middle name. No one will ever fumble the spelling or pronunciation of this classic, biblical name. Elegy. St. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Your email address will not be published. This Zapotec name from the indigenous people of Oaxaca, Mexico, sums it all up: It translates to “I love you.”. Lupin 21 meaningful baby names. Baby Names That Mean Hope (With Meanings) For Girls and Boys, Names That Mean Water (With Meanings) For Baby Boys & Girls, 130+ Names That Mean Fire [2020] For Baby Boy and Girl, 300+ Contact Names For Mom [2020] Sweet, Nicknames, Alternative Names, Sisters Group Names For Whatsapp, Best, Funny, Cool Ideas, Unique Group Names List For Friends, Family And WhatsApp, Race Team Names [Best, Cool, Spartan, Amazing, Good Also], Group Names For 3 Friends, Girls, WhatsApp, Squad, 450+ Cute Group Names [Cool, Funny, Best Friends, Girls, Chat], 550 + Powerful Team Names [2020] Strong, Meaningful, Creative Also. If you need some suggestions or ideas for Baby Names That Relate Love then you can easily find some names meaning love from here. If you have any suggestions or questions for us, Then you can comment below and let us know about your feedback also. Meaning “loved” or “heir,” this Scandinavian moniker can also be spelled Lief. Read more: Tatiana was derived from Tatius, a Sabine-Latin family name of unknown origin. Names That Mean Love: Name that relates to love is a nice choice for a baby because it spread love and positivity. Boy baby names that mean love. It isn’t much of a stretch considering that the soundalike names Abel and Mabel are numbers 146 and 436 on the popularity charts, respectively. You can easily find some Sweetest Names That Mean Love and their meaning also. How to pick a middle name for your baby If a sonnet is a lyrical poem, an elegy — meaning “a poem of serious reflection” — is more somber. Aphrodite 23. Ah, love: It’s what forges relationships and builds families (ahem). Means "love of God", derived from Latin amare "to love" and Deus "God". Have fun discovering lots of new and interesting names that mean wolf in our list below, and good luck with finding your favorite… Top 10 Names That Mean Wolf. For names meaning love, look below at the list for some endearing inspiration. So then you need some ideas and a list that you can get some lovely and Sweetest Names That Mean Love. Because here we provide some best collections of baby names meaning love, Here we collect these names from different sources, That you can easily find some sweet and lovely names from this article. Finally, Thank you for spending time with us, Cheers! It means ‘love, grace, and warmth’ all the wonderful qualities that you would want your little lady to have. Meaning “dearly loved”—as well as “life” in Spanish—it’s no wonder Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves chose this for their little girl. Imogen Love is a beautiful thing that makes us happy. There are many different variations of this French name, such as Amy, Amie and Ami. The love between a parent and child is like no other. YOU’RE PREGNANT!Sign up to get weekly email updates on your baby » Baby names making a comeback in 2019 The Aiko is a Japanese names meaning love. If you are inspired by the concept of love and want to name your baby with a name that means love or hope, here are 50 best names that mean love and hope. February 11, 2019. 24. So, guys, We hope you find some collections of Names That Mean Love for boy and girl from this list because here we provide some collections of names relate with love and with the meaning of those names also. LUBA ( Люба ): Variant spelling of Russian Lyuba , meaning "love." Use an online tool like BehindtheName's search by meaning tool to find names that match your desired meaning. Aiko means ‘the little-love one’. Why not name your little one after the City of Love? Carwyn 13. Lolonyo is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. We adore these sweet baby names that mean love. A distinguished name of English origin, Fenmore means “dear love” and would definitely allow your kid to stand out on the playground. In Greek mythology, she’s the goddess of love. Esme Jeb It is a Native American name meaning ‘I love you’. This name is plucked from Scandinavian culture, and derives from Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology. Brisa: Brisa is a female names that mean love. Nayeli It’s a unique, gender-neutral name sure to please Francophile parents. Nayely: Nayely is another name that we adore. Required fields are marked *. ... Tatiana. Brainstorming baby names and looking for something sweet? Amadeus Adelpha: Adelpha means ‘beloved sister’ and is a Greek name girl names that mean love. So let’s start…. 5. But no matter how you spell it, they all mean “beloved.”. A Scottish moniker, Davina is the feminine version of David, and means “beloved” and “friend.”. Amorette: Amorette means little love and is a French names meaning love. There are love names for girls AND for boys. This name was also assumed as a middle name by the German novelist E. T. A. Hoffmann (1776-1822), who took it in honour of Mozart. In Babylonian culture, Ishtar was the mother goddess of love, war and fertility. Davina .newsletter-signup-widget{display:inline-block;width:300px;padding:0.5rem;margin-left:0.5rem;float:right;border:1px solid #ccc}@media (max-width: 525px){.newsletter-signup-widget{float:none;display:block;width:280px;margin:0 auto 2rem}} Finding the right type of name for your baby is not an easy task. It means “lovely forever.”. Leif So we hope you can easily find a name for your sweet and lovely baby. Lennan Sweetest Baby Names That Mean Love (With Meanings) Boy names that mean love. If you love meaningful baby names, check out names that mean love or magical and mystical baby boy names for more inspiration. It’s an increasingly trendy, hipster-sounding name that means “beloved child.”. Find out more about the name Lolonyo at 1. Here we provide some good names for your baby that mean love or heart. Rooted in Greek, this elegant and regal name rolls off the tongue. But it has a German origin and means love. It’s a strong (and very literary) choice.