Wow! this really helped with my project, thanks . Letter B 12 Balanced . Or do you mean someone who is well-educated? It’s a nice thing — it means that everyone speaks a little differently from each other. Nik is very easy to be with. Persistent — She never gives up! Thanks for the positive feedback and thanks even more for the great suggestion. Thanks for such a benificial work. Some words are better suited to describing the physical appearance of someone, some are best used to describe the person’s style, and others are ideal for describing the person’s character traits. Firstly, Michael Hyatt is very successful entrepreneur. For now at least! Idioms are one of the most colourful ways to describe people’s characters. THANKS , In that case … Welcome to the community, Mahmoud! Sympathetic* — He shows that he understands and cares about other people’s problems. Chatty — She loves talking and talks a lot. Remember: if there’s another topic you’d be interested to see on this blog, just tell me and we might write about it. –Basically, I am a young green-eyed girl with white skin and brown hair with the typical Russian look. 13 Beautiful . Nik looks creepy Gabriel Clark you are reply people too much, I really find it useful as well first time commit ND first time on here Do you have any things to read that can better my grammer attitude and strength. Although we have a Turkish option on our website, our blog posts are only available in English. this site is really helpfully. In this lesson, you’re going to learn 59 positive personality adjectives in English. But for slightly different reasons: Freya is fun to be around for several reasons. I’m sure, It can be very helpful in terms of learning how to talk about different types of personalities. Enthusiastic — She shows a lot of excitement and interest in things. Julie. OK. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to use adjectives. Diligent — She does her work carefully and cares about the details. 89 Joyous . I think it’ll be kind of fun! When people have a lot of energy, this energy often transfers to you. What if you just have the feeling that she might be funny? Yes! So let’s meet them: Nik is the friend who’s great with people. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. There are times when we need to be serious. 18 Bright . Style. Great to have you here. Abrar. I think I will use it because in my career I will need this information. Intuitive — She can understand what’s happening using her feelings (not just facts). Thank you so much it really helped! What’s  also great about this podcast is that the sound quality is quite high and you can read  full transcript of the episode, The Top-10 Characteristics of Lousy Leader. God bless you??. Can I found any other information regarding to this subject in different languages? From now, I will star to use everyone of this words. The first thing to ask yourself is this: What gives you this feeling? Bosses like her: There are lots of reasons why Alexa is a good worker: Alexa has a lot of natural personal qualities that make her a good worker: Observant — She’s good at noticing different things around her. 1. Personality … It was very useful and interesting. Discover and share Quotes To Describe A Person. If we simply want to describe the person directly, we can say: There isn’t much difference between these sentences. Do some other examples! People say that these impeccable characteristics mentioned above are hoard of golds; that is, they are immensely rare to be rummaged through people. I love the flow of this lesson. Posted on February 25, 2017 Grace Posted in Writing. 4 Weird Tricks to Sound More Creative, Body Parts in English: 71 Parts of the Body You Might Not Know, Patterns in English: Everything You Need To Know (Almost), Making the Mountain Smaller: 3 Killer Strategies for Learning English Vocabulary. If so, please help me out and share it! Understanding — The same as “sympathetic” — he understands other people’s problems well. I do love it!