When intruders trespass on the lands they are set to guard, though, blue or green light begins to shine from inside the totem, spilling out from cracks formed where separate pieces of jade begin to move apart. on April 2, 2020. Share Tweet Share. Skysharks soar over herds of lumbering goriaks, winged foxes flit through crystalline forests, and brooding nightmare creatures emerge from the shadows to hunt the unsuspecting. Some naturalists claim that elemental monsters are born here and are more volatile when nearby. While most are large and lumbering, there are also many smaller, graceful beasts that more closely resemble horses or antelopes. Rigidly trained and organized, the Guard answers directly to the emperor and is dedicated to the defense of the imperial palace. Chacanto Intli transformed the scattered and fractious city-states into a mighty empire. The people of the Sun Empire interact with a wide variety of dinosaurs. My name is Vivien Reid. While the nightmare clade of monsters are quite varied in shape and size, they are easy to identify thanks to some strikingly horrifying anatomical features. As they move through the jungle, they adapt it to fit their needs—and then return it to the way it was, leaving no trace of their passing, just as a pebble dropped in water leaves the surface unchanged once the ripples have passed. Naturalists and sages often travel here to draw inspiration from its wondrous displays of raw nature. Most bonders have one monster companion, but some like Kinnan are able to bond with many. Most of them resemble large herbivores—elk, horses, rhinos, camels, boars, and the like—but it is dangerous to conclude that they are at all docile. It disappoints me that even a community mostly content to hide away from monsters is still such a big part of human violence against them. Compiled by Eli Shiffrin and Matt Tabak, with contributions from Laurie Cheers, Tom Fowler, Carsten Haese, Nathan Long, and Thijs van Ommen I have seen many fantastic creatures in my travels, but I assure you that no other plane in the multiverse compares to Ikoria. Many different parts of life and the natural world are associated with the sun's different aspects. Share Article. Wind roars in a destructive cyclone, waves rise high into the air before smashing down, and vines and branches reach and grab as the shamans of the rainforest work their magic. I have witnessed monsters spontaneously sprout wings, extra limbs, full coats of feathers, and even an extra head! Compiled by Eli Shiffrin and Matt Tabak, with contributions from Laurie Cheers, Tom Fowler, Carsten Haese, Nathan Long, and Thijs van Ommen May it serve you well, and may you pass it along to the next Planeswalker you meet in need of a guide. Now the River Heralds dominate the deep interior islands and jungles, the winding rivers, and much of the sky. Personally, I hope that the citizens may one day return to the ways of their ancestors, learning to live alongside monsters as partners instead of enemies. The great river grew broad and deep, tended by the merfolk shamans and fed by new tributaries called up by their magic. Another traveling Planeswalker named Narset told me that these triomes are due to the unique flow of magic through the land of this plane. The empire's people use dinosaur feathers as decorations and as inspiration for design motifs in everything from jewelry to architecture. They take on familiar forms of animals, but with vivid colors, ethereal silhouettes, and cracked or disconnected anatomical features that defy gravity. This is not an easy plane to scrape out an existence, and humans owe their resilience to a variety of strategies that have allowed them to elude extinction for generations. These communities range from small wilderness outposts to massive walled cities, and each employs a combination of techniques to ward off monster attacks. They are called Shapers for the way they alter nature around them—changing the currents of wind and water, calling up storms and floods, and bending branches and vines. Devastation and ruin followed in his wake, and the Immortal Sun was taken away and gifted to the River Heralds, who vowed to keep its location a secret, even from themselves. You can spot a hunter by their gear. Only the most foolhardy, diehard, desperate, and cruel of humanity take up the life of a monster hunter, wandering far from the relative safety of the sanctuary cities in search of their prey. Some bonders with small monsters wear clothing covered in handholds so their critter can easily climb up their body, while others with larger monsters build struts and handlebars into their armor so they can easily be picked up and carried. Kinjalli kindles the spirit to life, sparks the intellect, and inspires creativity. While most humans on Ikoria struggle against the way of their world, others embrace it. Snapdax is unrivaled as a predator, combining cat-like cleverness and nightmarish stealth with dinosaur aggression. Their connection to their monsters grants them wisdom and insight far beyond that of their city-dwelling counterparts. Share Article. To outsiders, the various bands of the River Heralds present a unified front, determined to keep intruders away from the rainforest interior and ensure that they do not find the golden city. The red aspect of the sun represents its destructive quality. Named after the terrible rumbling it produces as it streaks across the sky, the thunderous apex monster Vadrok rules the skies of Raugrin. (This is quite a shock to most!) The Coppercoats are a tight-knit militia of city defenders, uniformed defense mages, and magistrates. Large crystals the size of buildings are built into the architecture of many human sanctuaries. Savai has an arid climate, receiving only a few inches of naturally generated rainfall per year.