... Artichokes aren't quite as good as Pumpkins, and the seeds are annoying to get in the first year, but they do yield gold days earlier if you can't wait for your batch of Pumpkins to grow fully. You can purchase blueberry seeds from Pierre’s Shop for 80 gold each, and the crop sells for 50 gold per. Flowers in Stardew Valley are undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing, and can be used to flavor batches of honey. Stardew Valley – Best Summer Crops. If you’ve ever made cautious forays into the online communities for Stardew Valley, you will know they are intimidating and inspiring in equal measure. Pumpkin seeds can be purchased at Pierre’s General Store for 100g or at JojaMart for 125g. It's also used in several quests to top it all off, so be sure to plant a patch of pumpkins for Stardew Valley's lovely fall. Come summer, these are the best seeds to plant: Blueberries. Blueberries produce three crops per fully matured seed, meaning you’re bringing in 150 gold per seed purchased. Why Pumpkins are Great: Pumpkins are one of only three crops that have the chance of producing a giant crop. I am in awe of this Stardew Valley player's one great trick to remember how many seeds they need. Stardew Valley > General Discussions > Topic Details. Lucy. 3 Avoid - Fairy Rose. Minus 200 gold for the 2 seeds. On their own, though, they're among the weakest crops of the game, and this includes the fairy rose. Alice Bell. 916. 9th March 2020 / 12:30PM. One spot for pumpkins will produce 2 pumpkins per fall, which will turn into Juice for 1440 in ~4 days with2 Kegs or Pickles for 1380 in 2 days with 2 Jars. Place pumpkin seeds in a 3x3 grid and they have a 1% chance to grow into one large pumpkin. Aug 14, 2017 @ 4:18am What crops are the most profitable in fall? Deputy Editor .