Desert Rose is also suitable used as a bonsai plant and resembles a small, blooming tree. Floor Area details. Folks searching for plans to build unique homes – rather than the plans for generic homes offered on all the “stock” plan sites – want to build a house that does not match their neighbors’ homes. Here are 12 of the most quirky and unusual plants to make your garden stand out! (by Judy Griesedieck/America at Home) Thank you Christina from Feline Design for sharing this with the Tiny House Blog.. Grand Marais, Minnesota: Julie Keane lives in a tiny shack on the property of her ex-husband near the Canadian border. So one of our goals was to find homes that were not only unique, but that in some cases have an unusual floor plan and/or appearance. There are plans for tens of thousands of generic homes available online, but finding unusual house plans can be extremely difficult. 55 Unique Planters and Cool Pots For All House Plants. We have collected the most inspired designs from the web to create the ultimate list of cute pots for plants. Whether you fancy some quirky planter pots or cute animal planters, we have got you covered. Adding to the plant’s unusual form and beauty are the striking 2-inch bell-shaped flower clusters blooming in a host of colors from pink, red, rose, white, purple or a mix of two hues with yellow throats. Flowers can be single, double or triple. Plants need appropriate sun and water to keep them happy, but once the basics are provided for, a few hacks go a long way toward super plant-care. Taken from an article called America at Home posted on Yahoo News. Descriptions: Ground Floor Area. Here are nine quirky … Feb 4, 2020 - Looking for plants that a bit weird or different? We specialize in unique house plans! 1615 sq ft: First Floors Area . 905 sq ft: Porch Area. Read and view several more unique homes here. 34367 Views. 165 sq ft: Unique Small House Plans – Unusual Perfect Little Two Story Home Design This House having 2 Floor, 4 Total Bedroom, 5 Total Bathroom, and Ground Floor Area is 1615 sq ft, First Floors Area is 905 sq ft, Total Area is 2520 sq ft.