Brienne marched straight across the battlefield at the Battle of the Bastards and killed him without so much as an afterthought. I really disliked the way this played out. Battle of the Bastards is fucking peak film. Then she comes to Jon in need ( Alys Karstark-style ) he takes her in with love and kindness just as a brother would. and so does Battle of the Bastards I'll agree w the guy tho, I wouldn't call it a Gfaqs thing lol, but in the real world when mentioning great BrBa moments, Face Off is 100% the first thing that always comes up. First off, there was an emotionally gripping lead up. Battle of the bastards is kind of overrated. King Theoden of Rohan arrives at Winterfell with his forces to avenge the death of his old friend, Lord Eddard Stark also known as Boromir. I haven't watched Breaking Bad myself, but I can say as much as I loved "Battle of the Bastards", it is kinda overrated. Characters die. "Battle of the Bastards… Though there are many characters in the show, Jon Snow is one of the most famous and popular of the lot. The money the visual effects department saved on CGI dragons last week is spent … It was written by series co-creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, and directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Not anything from Ozymandias, because as well shot, built up, … Winterfell was amazing though - the battle sequences, Melisandre, the Dragon battle in the sky, Arya running through the halls of Winterfell, Daenerys and Jorah cutting down wights... too many fantastic moments to count. But does he really deserve all this credit and is his character portrayal really that special? Game of Thrones has become a big hit with millions of viewers watching all over the globe. In Martin’s latest novel, A Dance With Dragons, Stannis has yet to even reach Winterfell, and Jon Snow lies dead at the Wall. Since they passed the books and season 5 the show kinda died imo (Dorne, Stannis, Barristan), nowadays it's more of a fan service/fiction and it's like Jon and Dany are way too overrated, but let's talk about the episode everyone loves: Battle of the Bastards "Battle of the Bastards" is the ninth and penultimate episode of the sixth season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones and its 59th episode overall. You’ve got that god damn cocksucker Ramsay Bolton being just a total dick, luring John into certain death by killing his brother in a super tense and gripping tactical move. Hello everyone, I want to explain y'all how I don't love the show anymore that much like I did before, I mainly read the books now. "Battle of the Bastards" is peak Game of Thrones. As Jon would. The warfographic about the Battle of the Bastards is unique. Sure it has the best battle sequence the show has ever done but it’s closer to the bottom when ranking episodes by the writing. Battle of the Bastards is incredibly overrated. She then went on to stop Melisandre and Davos mid-conversation to announce what she'd done in a legendary display of steely effrontery. 2 OVERRATED: WHEN SHE FAILED TO PROTECT RENLY Sansa was always horrible to Jon, she was horrible... period.