£1,244. Win! I purchased the SE VooDoo ribbon microphone to balance out my multi-mic recording of various acoustic guitars of makes, models, … Like the RNR1, both of the Voodoo mics have significantly more high‑end extension than a typical ribbon mic, but the sound still manages to retain its smoothness in the upper registers. Sanken CS-3e. Both mics respond well to EQ and their smooth‑but‑extended top end might see them being used in situations where you'd normally pick a capacitor model. The active VR2 sounded virtually identical to the VR1 but was, as indicated by the specifications, far more sensitive. Mastering Essentials Part 3 - How loud should I master? Ribbon mics tend to have something of a family sound that's related to the way in which a typical ribbon transducer rolls off high frequencies — so I was intrigued when I heard that SE had developed a ribbon capsule capable of high-frequency response beyond 18kHz. $2,199. Will be investing in more SE mics in the future.” ”The VR1 has worked great, so much so that I decided to pick up a second to be able to use them for stereo drum overheads as well.” ”My favorite use is on acoustic guitar body. Is there a 'right way up' to mount a mic? "The sE Electronics Voodoo VR-1 and VR-2 ribbon mics mark a new era for ribbon mic technology – until now the only ribbon mic in the world to perform across 20Hz-20KHz was the sE… £351 ... Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon Pair. The result is a superbly detailed, open and natural recording of acoustic instruments and guitar cabs. Most of my tests were done using a Universal Audio Solo 110 preamp, but I also got perfectly good results from the VR2 using the preamps in my M‑Audio interface. 5 . The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. On spoken word, the two mics again sounded very close to the RNR1, with only the RNR1's extra low-end warmth giving it away as the pricier mic. This translated well with both clean and dirty guitar sounds, and though a little EQ may be needed to tame the inevitable proximity bass-boost when working up close, achieving a good electric guitar sound using this mic was no problem. Nevertheless, the benign high-end of the ribbons kept the sound from becoming aggressive, so it may suit some styles, where a deliberately bright sound is not required. This was achieved using state-of-the-art custom transformers and a Rupert Neve-designed circuit to reveal HF usually absent. Shure SM57 LC. 5 . Classic ribbon sound but with more high‑end extension. Because of its active circuitry, the VR2 requires 48V phantom power to operate. You save £11.60 . Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. Very warm smooth sound!” - Assorted Sweetwater users (more VR1 & VR2 reviews at Sweetwater.com) $98. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC - Ryan Pickett, FOH and live performance archive recording engineer for the band My Morning Jacket, is currently using sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 passive ribbon microphones and patented sE … If you like the idea of a ribbon sound but find traditional ribbon mics a touch too dull, the Voodoos might just win you over. I was surprised at the subjective similarities in tonal character between the three designs, given that the Voodoo models and the RNR1 achieve their extended high‑end response in very different ways. SE have aimed to combine the smoothness of ribbon mics with the high-end extension of a condenser. ", - Steve Stevens, guitarist (Billy Idol) -, SoundBites: Rainer Lidauer and the V SERIES For Drums, SoundBites: V7 X, VR1 + Electric Guitar - Rupert Träxler, sE On Tour - The World of Hans Zimmer: A Symphonic Celebration, The VR2: Spotify Studios and sE Electronics, sEssions: Esplanade Studios & The Rupert Neve Signature Series.