All Jivas are divided into four levels of existence; Gods, human beings, animals and beings in hell. Why would Yoel Cohen pray for Biden to win when Trump supports Israeli-Nationialist Bibi Netanyahu? Actually Jain philosophy is based on Vedic philosophy. The old Gazetteer describing at some length these caste-groups makes some pertinent observations about them. still they want Minority status.for obvious reasons. She was born and brought up into the family of Khajuraho, Bundelkhand, MP. She also appeared for the master of business management. My Grandmother Chameli Devi Jain and Grandfather Phool Chand Jain, shortly after their marriage. Pages in category "Social groups of Rajasthan" The following 132 pages are in this category, out of 132 total. There are about 110 different Jain communities in India. its been independent and does not derived from either hinduism or buddhism. Is it true that muslims aka terrorists will behead or stone a woman for having sex before marriage? jain is not a cast but a … What if HITLER, CHARLES MANSON or BIN LADEN REPENTED for their SINS at the last moment and embraced the TRUE FAITH? Ahir, graziers. Maratha Brahmans generally use three names. Sati is the wife of Lord Shiva and the Hindu goddess of marital felicity and longevity. (5, 486: 4,733); Badhai, carpenters. For the best answers, search on this site, Castes: The Hindu community is found divided into various socially differentiated groups better known as castes. Mr. Craddock describes the Maratha Brahmans as follows:- ‘as traders, moneylenders they fall far below the ideal standard. As clerks and officials they are second to none, and they almost monopolise the subordinate appointments in Government service. Brahmans are the largtest proprietors and own 750 villages or a third of the total number and next to them come Kunbis with 440. However, of the ninety or more castes enumerated in the district in 1931 the following ones could be considered as important. Inter-marriage was formerloy prohibited among these sub-castes. (7,653; 7,494) Bhoyer, agriculturists. These are further divided into sects such as Rgvedis and Yajurvedis according to the Vedas from which the prayers which they recite are taken. (2,029; 1,984): Dhirmar, water-Bearers, (11, 871; 11,698);Dhobi, washermen, (4,583; 4, 589); Gond-Hindu; agriculturists. (1,989; 1,906): Brahman, Priests. But most of the Jains are traders and business minded individuals so also their Gurus. Brahmans: Of the Brahman community the majority consisted of maratha Brahmans of Desastha sub-caste, whose home is Poona country above the western Ghats. (11, 020; 10,940): Kalar, distillers,(5,278; 4,969); Kayastha, writers, (1,028; 928); Kosti, cotton-wavers, (23, 822; 23,327); Kumbhar, potters, (2,172; 2,166); Kunbi, agriculturists, (89,934; 86, 345); lodhi, agriculturists, (4,652; 4,604); Lohar, iron smith, (6,202; 6,049); Mali, vegetable and fruit growers, (17,366;16,708); Mana, agriculturists. They have also a gotra or exogamous group named after a Rsi or saint of Vedic times. As distinguished from the Konkanasthas who belong to the Bombay Konkan or littoral, and the Karhades from Satara and the north. Still have questions? In consonance with changes in government policy, the Census enumeration has ceased to take cognisance of these groups since 1941. To start with it was Vaishnavism which got converted to jain philosophy after the took over of Mahavir as the last and 24 th thitthankara. This is because present day Vastu is derived from the ones that were used in the Vedic era but the approach in the modern day is different. its been independent and does not derived from either hinduism or buddhism. This is the basic reasons why Indian continent is attacked by foreigners like Huns, Alexander, Moguls, French, Portuguese and last but not least English, since more then 1000 years. Since Muslims don't eat pork....what happens to pigs inside Muslim countries? Anveshi did her schooling and graduation in engineering. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. great scholars and researhers found enough evidence approving jainism as different and one of the oldest faiths, while studying ancient civilization of harappa and mohen jo dado.