Snowy Owl Bubo scandiacus. Types of South African owls you would expect to find in an urban landscape. ... African Wood Owl Strix woodfordii. March 2009. Look for an enormous nest in the fork of a tree. Alarmed/Disturbed - Male. He is a lecturer and course leader for organisations such as BirdLife South Africa… Nesting in hilly woodland the African hawk-eagle has a musical call and hunts for reptiles along with small mammals. The Spotted eagle-owl is a familiar bird in many parts of South Africa Africa, and lives in a wide range of habitats. The fynbos, an area of shrublands and grasslands found only in southwestern South Africa, is home to six endemic bird species and several other species that are strongly associated with the plant community. As such, this publication is … Owl houses vary according to the specific preferences of the indigenous owl species. Before erecting an owl house, it is wise to identify which owl species already reside in your area, or find out which owls are likely to be in your area. Despite being one of the smaller eagle-owl species, the spotted eagle owl has an impressive one metre wingspan. The entire upperparts from the crown to the lower back and wing-coverts are a uniform sooty blackish-brown, with scattered small white spots and greyish flecks. You can see it on a safari in the woodlands anywhere from Tanzania to South Africa. Distinguishing features of the African hawk-eagle The facial disk is whitish to pale ochre and the eyes are yellow. Aquila fasciatus. Owl Nesting Boxes in South Africa. Likewise, they will frequently make use of artificial nesting boxes. The eyes are brownish-black, and the bill is whitish to pale pink. In South Africa you will not find the delights of a Hedwig with a Hogwarts letter in grasp in your garden, but if lucky, gardeners will experience the magic of the following owls:. These profiles will now be used to support national conservation assessments for linefish and the red-listing of marine species in South Africa. Typical call - Hoedspruit, South Africa. They therefore often accept artificial nesting boxes attached to the walls of buildings and to trees. Many owls will make use of an artificial nest box such as African wood owls, scops owls and pearl-spotted owlets. The distribution of a species can be obtained from most South African … Barn Owls and Spotted Eagle-Owls live in close association with humans. Spotted-Eagle Owl (Bubo africanus)For such a large character, the spotted eagle owl is a real city slicker occurring across South Africa. This species is very similar to the Anhinga of North and South America. The African grass owl resembles the barn owl and has a heart shaped whitish-cream facial disc, with a narrow yellowish-buff rim which is densely spotted dark. One of South Africa’s most common owl species is the spotted eagle owl ( Bubo africanus ). This large cormorant is a common species along the coast and can even be found well inland at large bodies of water. The final species of ‘cormorant’ in South Africa, isn’t a true cormorant, but is closely related; the African Darter. Padjelanta, Sweden. Description. African Hawk-Eagle. Cape Sugarbird, the males of which have a long, flowing tail, was the star attraction. CC Derek Solomon. ... 133 species … Here are some tips on how to mount an owl nesting box: knowledge about species caught by one of South Africa’s most diverse, important and oldest fisheries. Barn owls and spotted eagle owls have learnt to live in close proximity with humans.