Excellent. Gg's Gear Bazaar. Since its original development in 1946, the TELEFUNKEN U47 has been the microphone of choice for generations of recording professionals. Preferred Seller. Originally released in 1947, the Neumann U 47 (also badged as a Telefunken product in the 1950s) was a revolutionary tube microphone design which significantly The original Neumann U 47 (also branded as a Telefunken product in the 1950s) is easily one of the most sought after condenser microphones ever produced, and with good reason. Telefunken U47. Old-school engineering and modern electronics deliver timeless U47 tone. Certain companies have even manufactured solid state drop-in replacements that do get pretty close, if all other things remain original. The first condenser microphone to offer selectable polar patterns (cardioid and omnidirectional), the original U47 also featured the famous M7 capsule which had been developed in 1928 by Georg Neumann. The mic itself has the original M stamped VF14 tube as well as original output transformer. A Telefunken / Neumann U47 for sale in exceptional, collector-grade condition inside and out. Telefunken/Neumann U47m(M for Meyer) with AC701 tube.This microphone was built in Holland from many original Neumann parts and embodies the characteristics of a original Neumann M49 and a Neumann U47.This microphone will compete with. They have both been time-tested and proven. Both the Telefunken U47 and Neumann U47 come with studio workhouse that has a pad and a switchable low-cut filter to deliver smooth and sweet tone. The mic was checked out by the seller’s tech a month ago. Again, big “if.” The value of a U 47 relates to the tube in a couple of ways – if the supplied tube is original and simply needs replacement, then the price-drop goes straight toward a working VF14M tube. Technology has changed quite a bit since the Telefunken U47 first hit the street, and the original M7 capsule, as well as the military surplus VF-14M tubes that formed the heart of the U47 are long gone. Quick Shipper ... What solidified its place in recorded history was not just its technical advancements, however. Quick Responder. 79. Studio City, CA, United States. In case you are working on delivering the true sound of a class studio mic, then you can consider using the original U47 FET production and schematics. the original 47 has a little more meat in the mid-range, a little bit flatter sound more natural where the new Telefunken has a touch of treble hype boost. Neumann U 47 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone.The original series, manufactured by Georg Neumann GmbH between 1949 and 1965, employed a tube design; the M 7 capsule was used until 1958, then superseded by the K 47.. Neumann U 47 FET was a first reissue, with a head grille similar to the original U 47 but using solid-state circuitry (discrete op-amps) and using the K 47 capsule.