... Gearslutz.com LTD - UK Company Number 7597610 (England & Wales). God, it is so much better than any Neumann. Always works well I did not like the tone for acoustic guitars, my km184 is much better suited for that. It is certainly a great mic. I really liked how the TLM 49 had a good deal of presence without having too much bite — great for warming up distorted guitars without making them sound dull or muddy. Transformerless solid state circuit with tube sound characteristics 6. 15. Mic Database | Mic Reviews | Microphone Sale, TapeOp Issue #61/September, 2007 | by Andy Hong, See specifications, reviews, & mods for the Neumann TLM 49. Vocalists will need some time learning how to properly "work" this microphone - but the pay off in sound quality captured will be well worth it. You should’ve gotten a Soundelux U195. Sure enough, I got a nice full image of the kit with the bass drum sounding neither boomy nor muddy. I often couple this microphone with my Summit MPC-100A preamp and together I can get this rich, warm tone, ideal for the acoustic country genre I record. Slate Digital Launches The VIRTUAL MICROPHONE SYSTEM. If you do want a mic that has a similar character to the 49 I'd look at a CAD M9, which has the valve top end with more body. Big Vox, sit on top of mix instead of getting lost within it But proximity effect ramps up quickly on the KSM32, so you need to keep at least 4'' distance on vocals. Through my daking mp1 this mic is good but it can get slightly harsh in certain tonal area's. Hello knowledgeable Gearslutz! Here, I was pleasantly surprised again. To cut a long story short, it has a fat, warm and expensive sound! Through my Neve portico it is warm and takes eq very well. Cardioid pattern 3. Midrange is good, not as forward as an 87, but not far off. Acoustic guitar? Electric guitar - gets a nice crisp top end that can cut in a nice way. Would the 49 give me a professional level vocal? High Fidelity The TLM 103 is by far the worst microphone made. And then finally, I tried the mic on vocals, and I immediately understood why the Neumann rep called this a killer vocal mic. Next, I tried it on kick drum. I would advise everyone to own a Neumann Mic. This explains the mic’s presence at 5 kHz, the lack of sibilance at 8 kHz, and the sparkle at 11 kHz. I have also tried it out on a few other female vocalist and it has alway's rocks. I use it primarily for my vocals, and for that it shines. Have not put it in front of a singer and disliked it. It sounds much fuller and professional sounding. There’s a peak at 5 kHz, a dip in the 7–8 kHz range, and then another peak at 10–11 kHz. No HPF I use it here all the time. As a room mic placement is key. When I shoot out against others on acoustics it sometimes comes up first. When the Philadelphia band Relay (Bubble Core Records) came through Boston, they stopped by my Cambridge studio for a quick session. Against the nice bling silky top end mics I am familiar with using (UM92.1s, AKG C12, Sony C37A) it is a little veiled. I have experimented with several locations around the kick drum, but find 7-8" away and 3-4" inside the rim captures the best aspects of the resonant head. The mids are very smooth, the lows have a nice deep timbre, and the highs sound very natural to me. In my experiences, the TLM49 is of the same caliber, holding its own with mics costing nearly twice as much. What does it sound like? I also read somewhere it also sounds great with kick and cello. e-quitar, strings and wood. Somestimes i needed a de-esser. Once I realized how “no-brainer” this mic is when it comes to recording vocals, it was a no-brainer decision to buy it. From 40 Hz on up, the new Neumann’s response is a smooth and pretty-much straight ramp up to 5 kHz. Just a little tucked in compared to those mentioned. The mic itself is well built. Creamy, soft top end, not overly bright Very swell. 15. Quick reply....doesn't sound at all like a TLM 103, which means there isn't a whole lot of "added" sparkle...that's a good thing....fairly flat sounding, kind of thick (like what a tube mic does, but no tube here)....probably not the best for a low. Its detailed and can make her voice sound bigger. I don't know what the highest-end tube mics sounds like, and from time to time I think of auditioning one, toward the purpose of buying. But it does work well with a singer that would sound good on a m49! Sounds even and natural. Drums - yes. I can say without a doubt that the Neumann TLM49 delivered the way I'd hoped when I made the high end investment.