I’m more of a classicist and head for the plainer variety, but if you’re game for something different, you can try the fig, blueberry, and cranberry versions, all around $4.49 for an 8-ounce log. If you're lucky enough to see Delice de Bourgogne , grab it. Another TJ find is the English Coastal Cheddar at $7.99/lb. WOW--TJ's sells Marscapone by the POUND?? I LOVE TJ's cheese section! Spoonable (with a texture like sour cream), silky, sweet, buttery, and slightly tangy, mascarpone features in many dessert preparations, perhaps most famously tiramisu. It’s nutty and firm, but not as hard or crumbly as Parmesan or Grana Padano, and AOC-protected (another type of government protection for individual foods produced in specific ways in specific places). So while the choices might not be as varied as those of a cheese shop, you can be assured that they’ve done a lot of the thinking and culling for you. One is aged for 1,000 days ($11.99 a pound) and is briny and sharp (like a cheddar, but amped up); another is an interesting double cream version ($7.99 a pound). It might just be that you spend much of your time in the bathroom ruing the dollars spent. Another hard, crumbly raw cow’s milk cheese that you can add to a cheese board in chunks, or use in cooking much the way you would use Parmesan. It's only one person's view. I once bought $220 of cheese at Wegman's it looked so delicious. It’s hard yet still creamy and holds together when you slice it. The one in New Orleans (Metairie actually) does. We just bought some--I think its a bit bitter though my husband likes it. The cheese section is literally the only good reason to go to Trader Joe’s (aside from soy chorizo). I think they have a great cheese dept. You can choose the Trader Joe’s Double Cream, or the richer (higher-butterfat) Triple Creme version from France ($7.89 a pound). And when considering cheese selection, Whole Foods and Wegman's both top TJ's by a mile. Fun fact: Gouda apparently accounts for about half of the cheese eaten in the world today! You can get it for a very attractive $5.98 a pound at TJ’s. This post is about the cheese that you can find everyday at Trader Joe’s. "Cheese, the most under-rated section" - I think not, that's how their business was built. May not apply to their Cheese sourcing but certainly on all their canned and processed foods. Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner. A now-classic recipe that reaches peak search-engine status during football season, Buffalo Chicken Dip combines the lip-smacking tang of chicken wings with oozing, melty cheese in an easy-to-scoop dip. A delicious melding of white cheddar and Parmesan. We will list the prices per pound, review of some of our favorites, and share with you how to use some of these cheeses to make things like fondue. Code: YAY20*exclusions apply. A classic you’re sure to be acquainted with. The flavor is nutty, grassy, sheepy, and kind of caramelized. Let’s put the cheesy intro to bed and get right to it. … This wonderful store is part of my DNA, it's always been quirky wonderful shopping experience. They have hoodwinked the general public. Wow. I never underrated it, either. Maybe you should try anger management!! But this “article”really angers me because it is is missing the *best* cheese from TJs - GOAT GOUDA!! Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy: $3.49 for 16 ounces ($0.21 per ounce) Simply Nature Organic Creamy: $3.59 for 16 ounces ($0.22 per ounce) Almond Butter TJ’s wins out on the pricing for Almond butter, great on toast or for when you need to sweeten your oatmeal or overnight oats. When it comes to adding truffle flavor, there are a few choices! Like Parmesan, it’s DOP/PDO-classified—though more affordable. Very special cheese. The produce is abysmal, the prepackaged foods are disgusting. This quality is ensured not least because TJ’s inventory turnover is so high—which means that what you’re getting is fresh or ripe or aptly aged, depending on which cheese we’re talking about. Trader Joe’s carries many choices of goat cheese, many clearly geared for a festive cheese board twist. Pao de queijo is often eaten for breakfast in Brazil, but we find our Cheese Bread makes a great starter, side, or anytime snack... What would happen if you took traditional pesto and replaced the basil with walnuts? You can also pick up a 60-day cave-aged blue at a really affordable $6.99 a pound, or a 90-day aged crumbly cow and sheep milk–blend gorgonzola (another core blue cheese) for a delightful $5.99 a pound. Thank you Trader Joe's for the Tillamook Kosher cheddar. Trader Joe’s has lots of cheddars, but one special pick is the Tillamook Kosher Cheddar for $7.58 a pound. Trader Joe’s carries a few varieties which start at $13.99 a pound, which is really reasonable. The problem is they have the cheese for a month and then it never reappears again such as Morbier, Tomme de Savoir and many others. Always happy to add both Unexpected Cheddar and Cambozola to my cheese board. Parmesan is DOP/PDO classified, which means it can only be called Parm if it comes from Italy, from a particular type of cow, grazing solely on grass and hay, made using specific practices.