If you want to meet new cultures and people from all over the world, it is very easy because the university of Passau has a lot international students. The university of Passau has one of the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. Though there is much room for improvement, there are by far not enough professors/lecturers for the number of students (at least in social sciences), the teaching methods which they use are not that innovative and administration is often not very service oriented. The libraries are well equipped and the buildings get continuously renovated. Because of collegedunia, all my questions regarding JEE Mains were answered. To full the Freetime, there a plenty organisations, groups or sports groups you can join, so that is never boring in Passau. AEGEE which gives you the possibility to get active in European politics and travel all around Europe and meet awesome people while doing so. Contact will be by WhatsApp and email. A lot of students, great life. It ranks 16th worldwide and second among German universities.in Young Universities Rankings. This University profile has been officially reviewed and updated by University of Passau 's representatives. My subjects are among others, Economics / Law / Politics and History. University also offers you many extra curriculum courses, such as language or soft skill courses. Please try again later. To name a few of the partner universities, these includes the: • King’s College and University of Stirling in UK • Autonomous University of Barcelona and Madrid in Spain • Lund University in Sweden • Universidad del Salvador in Argentina • University of Santiago in Chile • Kyoto Sangyo University in Japan • Zhejiang University and Beijing Foreign Studies University in China • Thammasat University and University Chiang Mai in Thailand If you are a freshman students in Passau, there is a nice welcoming tradition with their typical Bavarian foods; Leberkase, a Bavarian Pretzels and then a guided tours inside the university, libraries, the city and especially the bars and clubs. The university has a very beautiful and compact campus which is extremely helpful if you have lectures one after the other and in different buildings and the professors and all staff are very qualified and super helpful. The University of Passau offers interdisciplinary courses, with many offices in city center and faculties situated in a single campus which is an advantage for internal communication of the students and staff. I wanted to pursue my master's from a foreign university. Passau really is the best place to study, it’s a cozy little city with a lot of students and student attractions. It is known for its most modern campus and it is the youngest university in Bavaria. Verdict at University of Passau . Most programmes are very interdisciplinary, so make sure to choose a direction to dive into the deeper aspects of the different subjects, especially if you seek a Master’s degree later on. University of Passau is ranked 251st in the world by Times Higher Education 2020. Coming from the other side of Germany I wasn’t sure what to expect from suddenly living in Bavaria but it was the best decision I ever made to study in Passau. In some lectures you have to arrive really early to get a seat, otherwise you have to sit on the floor. The University of Passau is perfect if you’re a student which is interested in International relations and like to party to Latino beats it’s a good research university with an endless amount of partner universities worldwide. Young University Ranking 2020: Bavarian Science Minister congratulates the University. It is a public research university located in Passau, Lower Bavaria, the University of Passau was founded in 1973 with its roots, the Institute for Catholic Studies date back hundred years ago. I can highly recommend joining one of the many associations! ... Find out rankings and reviews of all Universities in Germany. Times Higher Education Ranking: University of Passau once again attains a good position. just to tell in brief . Whether cultural studies, international relations / political science, law, business or media and communication there is actually something for everyone. Sorry, for now, we can only help for business studies. Have You Appeared Or Scheduled For Any Of These Exams? One or more fields have an error. Please visit the official website of University of Passau to make sure the University information provided is up-to-date. 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