Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer - Buffered Limiter. Dan Armstrong Micromod 6 - Compressor (made by Audio-Phonic, probably authorized) Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer pedal. its the 2GB first gen, and after booting it just flashes with a yellow/orange LED. Kent Armstrong Orange Squeezer - Vintage Compression; Vintage Tone Project / Dan Armstrong Orange Crusher; WD Music Orange Squeezer. It is easy to use. I … On the circuit board two metal pegs are marked "10K" and appear to have slots for a screwdriver head but I have always … Rated 5 out of 5 by pumamd from literally the best orange juicer stumbled on this device years ago ordering pressed orange juice on the beach in Mexico. Does a mid-1990s WD Orange Squeezer have adjustable trim pots ? MY cloud today suddenly died. WD® Music is a full service stringed instrument parts supplier with distributors in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Italy, France and … both link LEDS are green, but I just cannot get the front to go blue, or connect to it. I now rarely if ever drink boxed juice. It is heavy-ish but has to be to stop it toppling over and you have to be a little careful the squeezer … Baja Tech Custom Da Squeezer Bought one at Willam Sonoma.