Genuine companies invest significantly on research and development to provide exclusive, innovative and high-quality products to meet the lifestyle needs of people across the globe. QNET Hong Kong Practices RYTHM With Virtual Run. These DSAs are all members of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA). See our Honour Roll here. Packaging, marketing, branding, advertising of products. Global Entrepreneurship Month: Top Lessons From Chief . 23 August 2019 1 3 min read. Newsroom Events Gallery Blog Log in. Read on to find out more. Legitimate Direct Selling Companies deliver quality products or services. 202.416.6442 Direct selling is unique among retail channels because of the way in which products and services are marketed to customers. Our Company. DSAs; CEO Council; Initiatives and Resources; Contact Us; Independent Salesforce. 17 November 2020 2 min read. The latest World Federation of Direct Selling (WFDSA) 2019 report shows the enormous potential of direct selling. QNET has been recognised for its achievements in different parts of the world. If you’ve wondered about the enormous potential of direct selling, you need to look no further than the latest report by WFDSA…. Product shipment and delivery. About Us; About Direct Selling; Consumer Protection; Members. QNET is no stranger to economic crises. 6 August 2020 2 3 min read. QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices and agencies in more than 25 countries worldwide, all of whom provide support to its growing base of customers and distributors. QNET has partnered with leading sports teams such as Marussia F1, Manchester City Football Club and counts Tennis star Martina Hingis as a brand ambassador. Developing and evolving business plans and market strategies. In addition to providing quality products, QNET’s customers can also take advantage of the direct selling business offered by QNET by promoting its products and services to others. Home / Independent Salesforce. 6 November 2020 … The Positive Impact Of Direct Selling Around The World. WFDSA Annual Report 2014: WFDSA Annual Report 2015: WFDSA Annual Report 2016: WFDSA Annual Report 2017: WFDSA Annual Report 2018: WFDSA Annual Report 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Month: Lessons From Movies. Training and skill development. Strong compensation and incentives. The world body for direct selling, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), issued its annual statistical report for the year 2019 recently, showing the collective Africa & Middle East region achieved double digit growth of 11.6 per cent against the previous year. Abide by QNET’s Code of Ethics and follow the Policies & Procedures. Trending News. WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: Product research & development. Both sub-Saharan Africa region and the Middle East are growth markets for QNET, which most recently opened … Network News. The Difference Between Direct Selling And A Pyramid Scheme 1. WFDSA 2019 Report Shows Tremendous Potential Of Direct Selling. 12 November 2020 2 min read. The company was born at the height of the Asian economic crisis in September 1998 and has weathered many a storm since then. WFDSA 2019 Report Shows Tremendous Potential Of Direct Selling. Independent Salesforce.