At first glance, you may think these packs are the same meals as you get in the long-term food kits but in smaller cases. If you’re using the bulk freeze-dried ingredients, then cooking time will vary depending on what other ingredients you’re adding. According to dietary guidelines, men are recommended to eat around 2,500 calories per day and women around 2,000 calories. Five, We weren’t keen on the tomato soup. Bear in mind that during hurricane season or other disasters, emergency food sells out quickly. I can't say enough about their quality. I served all of it this last weekend and used coworkers as my guinea pigs. Calculating your emergency food supplies based on your normal calorie intake means you won’t go hungry and gives you the flexibility to ration supplies to make them last longer. The downside is that you’ll need extra supplies, including herbs and spices, in addition to the core ingredients to create a tasty meal. However, if you’re eating enough servings to reach a reasonable calorie count, you’d be consuming three times the recommended daily amount which isn’t going to do you much good over the long term. Websites and blogs which consider themselves well versed and experienced in survival kits and emergency preparedness criticize this company for only selling pouched food that needs water to prepare, with no option for canned food … The trail box included their stroganoff, cheesy lasagna, creamy vegetables w/pasta, and the tomato soup w/pasta. I received unprinted packages and some different unlabeled plastic packages, these were dirty and company says it is the same quality and duration. Wise specializes in long-term food kits for preppers who are looking to stock up for months at a time. Question, which long term emergency food company would you consider tops when compared to Wise and others… Quality, calories, price and shelf life? We’ve already covered calories per serving, so I’m not going to go into that again. Wise also gives data for how much Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron are in each meal. On average, you’ll need one cup of water per serving, but it’s worth experimenting with this a bit. Visit Wise Food Storage Another feature I liked about this product was the nutritional content. Useful during an emergency, but wouldn't use it otherwise. I was very pleased with everything until i found out that the products i bought could be bought at costco for 60 dollars instead of the 350.00 that i paid. Be wise, use Wise! We’ve been happy with ReadyWise Foods and will continue to use them! You can also place orders for samples if you do not want to place an order for a kit right away. Meals can be bland. After trying to budget in my orders with Wise and 4Patiriot, your pricing is fabulous. Three that we needed to allow more time for pasta dishes to cook and that they needed more water. I would very much like an explanation for this. If you enjoy eating fairly bland comfort food then you might get on very well with them – and there is definitely a place for comfort food in a survival situation! All of Wise’s regular meals contain wheat, but the good news for those that follow a gluten-free diet is that they have a special gluten-free bucket. Buying at a quiet time of year means you’ll get your food quicker and may be able to take advantage of sale prices. For bulk ingredients, I like Augason because they have a lot more variety than other brands. Each bucket contains 30 pouches. For a healthy, sedentary 175-pound adult, the recommended amount is 95-143g, more if you’re exercising. At the other end of the scale, the chili mac gets the thumbs down from most taste testers. / Food Storage / I Tried It for You: A Review of Wise Freeze Dried Foods. To work out how long one of Wise’s food kits will last you, figure out how many calories each person in your household will need (small kids need less than adults but older teenagers need more), work out how many servings per day that equates to, then divide the total servings advertised by this number. According to their website, there are unfortunate but very real life events which can take place where people may need to have access to long term emergency food stores, so to help people meet these needs Wise Food Storage offers their customers freeze dried and dehydrated food which can be prepared in minutes simply by adding water. You have some very good products that we have ordered 4 buckets for emergency. One cup of boiling water is not nearly enough!