Instead, he agreed to let Cabela’s display the fish at their Kansas City store. Three weeks ago, Rick Anderson pulled out a … Weighing 130 lb, this monster was a whopping 27 pounds heavier than the previous Missouri state record holder. Rick Hastings of Cape Girardeau Missouri landed a monster 115 pound blue. Wels catfish are commonly found in parts of Europe and remain a popular choice for those that are searching for the trophy fish of their lifetime. All-Tackle Record:64.86 kilograms (143 pounds, 0 ounces), Kerr Lake, Va., USA As the largest catfish species found in North America, the blue cat has long been a favorite target of freshwater anglers looking for a bullish fight to test their skill and tackle. Ken Paulie currently holds the record for catching the largest flathead catfish, and … On March 21st 2014 my long time fishing buddy Travis Combs caught a 135lb blue on my boat. Nick Anderson, a high school football coach from Greenville North Carolina was on a father and son fishing trip (yes it was Fathers Day weekend) fishing at Buggs Island. Your reward lies elsewhere. “Later on, when I was lifting him out of the livewell and into another tank I really felt the weight.”, Weight: 124 Pounds Length: 58 Inches Girth: 44 Inches. Unfortunately, the fish did not make it. This is true… Zack Royce caught our state record back to back days only to be broken a few months later by a young fella.All 3 of these fish are from gaston which is downstream from Buggs island, 143 pounds should be bigger than 60 inches but instead are packed full of mud otherwise should live for hours out of water, Your email address will not be published. We quickly weighed her at bobcats bait and tackle and released her to fight another day. This Brazilian river was home to a massive redtail catfish that weighed in at 123 pounds and was just under five feet long. Apparently, giant blue catfish. Wishing everyone tight lines. In July of 2010, Greg Bernal hooked a blue catfish that had stood as the world record up until the record-breaker we have just covered. Summary of recent fish, locations, weight, length and girth. According to Cronin, Pruitt's fish outweighed the previous world-record blue catfish by 3 1/2 pounds. Would be easy for me to claim I caught a 200 lb’er and had it weighed at a bait shop then released. Catching this fish was a lot more than just a stroke of luck. The Amazon River has become well known for having several larger sized redtails. The Jau catfish, also known as the Gilded catfish, is another monster fish that is known to inhabit South America, particularly the Brazilian region. Your email address will not be published. There is plenty of these fish that weigh in at hundreds of pounds. Three weeks ago, Rick Anderson pulled out a 95-pound monster out of the lake. It was rushed through the system and approved as a world record but few people who live around here are buying the “official” version. The fish had a length of 57 in (145 cm) and a girth of 47 in (120 cm). Back in March, Tony Milam set the current Virginia state record with a 109-pound blue. The picture displayed shows that it took two men to hold this large freshwater fish for the pictures the press took. Bernal was fishing with pieces of cut silver asian carp and fourty pound test fishing line while fishing from his boat on the Missouri River in the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area, west of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers in Missouri. Lets take a look at the world record catfish caught in recent years! There was a couple record breaking catfish caught at catfishermans paradise in belpre Ohio. I think the next record blue will be from the ohio river on the indiana side cuz im gonna catch it i just have to get a hook strong enuff not to straighten out gamkatsu hooks are sharp bt not tuff. In July of 2010, Greg Bernal hooked a blue catfish that had stood as the world record up until the record-breaker we have just covered. As … Apparently, giant blue catfish. Shadow Catfish Facts: What is a Shadow Catfish. Check out the Ultimate Guide To Catfish Rods, The Ultimate Guide To Catfish Reels and Ultimate Guide To Catfishing Gear, The Ultimate List Of Catfishing Tips. Unsubscribe at any time. Our fortune continued as we landed an 81lber the next day which was also cpr’d. The fish was finally landed in the boat around 1:30 a.m. Because it was caught in the middle of the night the fish could not be weighed until the next morning and it unfortunately died. This large blue catfish weighed in at 143 pounds (64.86 kilograms) and was 4.75 feet (1.45 meters) long. Here’s a look at some of the past world record blues prior to the current record and the history behind them including the story of “splash” the big blue that really put the trophy blue cats on the map. That previous state-record blue catfish also came from the Mississippi River, but nearly 100 miles downstream from Alton. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. His monster fish catch weighed in at an amazing 123 pounds and was slightly longer than five feet long. Ken Paulie currently holds the record for catching the largest flathead catfish, and he has held that record for approximately twenty years. This fish was not caught in the United States as it’s not a species of catfish that exists in the US. Just wish everyone could get at least one big cat ,in their life. He was the main star of a series by National Geographic titled Fish Warrior. I think it is sad that those fish died. It weighed in at a little over 340 pounds. This record broke the previous blue catfish record of 121.5 lb caught from Lake Texoma, Texas. The current world-record blue catfish recognized by the International Game Fish Association is a 143-pounder caught in June 2011 on Kerr Lake, Va. "Georgia has such great fishing opportunities, and we love to hear about this kind of exciting news," Thom Litts, Chief of Fisheries for the Wildlife Resources Division, said in a news release. Cody Mullenix of Howe Texas caught the fish on January 16th, 2004 which become known as “Splash” while fishing at the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge on Lake Texoma. The in depth tutorials, ebooks and videos will get you on the fast track to success catching catfish. It died in transit. The big fish took the bait around 12:45 a.m.. Bernal brought the monster catfish to the side of the boat within fifteen minutes, claiming “it came right to the boat”. Currently, it calls South America home. We fought it for probably a good half hour to an hour and we were actually going down toward Scott City about a mile from where we’re fishing at.” said Hastings. Fishing on the Mississippi River near Alton, Illionois Tim Pruitt landed the massive 124-pound cat after a battle lasting nearly 40 minutes a 58 inch long, 44 inch girth blue surfaced. The current Buggs Island 143 pound fish was certified as a record catfish and broke the existing world record by an impressive thirteen pounds and also certifies as the new Virginia state record blue catfish. About once a week I get this picture by email with some long winded story about this fish and it being a record catfish caught at Lake Texoma in Texas but you can [insert lake name here] because the story changes often.