He noted that "infant mortality was high because of the undernourishment of the mother before birth"; that "white man’s food leads to decay of native teeth"; that "tuberculosis has commenced. The HBC has credit card, mortgage, and personal insurance branches. Le commerce est libre! HBC used the proceeds to allow it to pay down debt and to invest in growing its Hudson's Bay and Lord & Taylor banners. HBC was to get a 25 per cent equity stake in Le Tote. They were entitled to two shares of the company's profits or losses. [44], Although the HBC maintained a monopoly on the fur trade during the early to mid-19th century, there was competition from James Sinclair and Andrew McDermot (Dermott), independent traders in the Red River Colony. [142][143], Chronological list of Governors of the Hudson's Bay Company:[145], Under the charter establishing Hudson's Bay Company, the company was required to give two elk skins and two black beaver pelts to the English king, then Charles II, or his heirs, whenever the monarch visited Rupert's Land. 1878. In 1991, Simpsons disappeared, when the last Simpsons store was converted to the Bay banner. [92] Established in 1950, Fields was acquired by Zellers in 1976. [citation needed], In 2007, Hudson's Bay Company Archives became part of the United Nations "Memory of the World Programme" project, under UNESCO. Points can also be converted to Air Miles. Hudson's Bay (French: la Baie d'Hudson), formerly and still colloquially The Bay (French: la Baie), is a Canadian department store chain. "), the Métis loosened the HBC's previous control of the courts, which had enforced their monopoly on the settlers of Red River. [41]:369–370, Before the merger, the employees of the HBC, unlike those of the North West Company, did not participate in its profits. Since the late 2000s, HBC has used its status as the official Canadian Olympics team outfitter to gain global exposure, as part of a turnaround plan that included shedding under-performing brands and luring new high-end brands.[127]. [27], During the fall and winter, First Nations men and European trappers accomplished the vast majority of the animal trapping and pelt preparation. BIBLIOGRAPHY. In 1846, the United States acquired full authority south of the 49th parallel; the most settled areas of the Oregon Country were south of the Columbia River in what is now Oregon.McLoughlin, who had once turned away would-be settlers as company director, then welcomed them from his general store at Oregon City. [17] Despite this refusal, in 1659 Radisson and Groseilliers set out for the upper Great Lakes basin. However, they were one of the first companies to convert their business to eCommerce. They shipped furs by the Red River Trails to Norman Kittson[45] a buyer in the United States. [116], HBC announced its intent to sell the last 49.99 percent of Galeria Kaufhof shares it held to Austrian firm Signa Holding in June 2019. [48] For forty or so years beginning in 1870, the company employed paddle wheel steamships on the rivers of the prairies. The "proposed hospital at Pangnirtung would be a waste of money, as it could be reached by only a few natives". The officers essentially ran the fur trading posts.They had many duties which included supervising the workers in their trade posts, valuing the furs, and keeping trade and post records.In 1821, when Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company merged, the hierarchy became even stricter and the lines between officers and servants became virtually impossible to cross. The South Carolina billionaire financier was a longtime HBC minority shareholder. It did not proceed with either deal. Rupert's Land would eventually become Canada's largest land "purchase" in the 19th century. Stephen Bown’s latest book is The Company: The Rise and Fall of the Hudson’s Bay Empire. Its trade covered 7,770,000 km2 (3,000,000 sq mi), and it had 1,500 contract employees. [78][79][80][81], By September 2019, the Toronto and Ottawa Zellers locations were still operating but the company announced that they would both be closed in January 2020.